Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pregnancy: 20 Week Update


I feel like I JUST did this for 19 weeks...and here we are again already! Since my transition day changed from Friday to Thursday I am all thrown off. 

How far along? 20 Weeks

Size of Baby:  Banana! Crap. I eat at least one of those a day and so does LW. That will make the rest of this week awkward now that I know...

Weight Gain: Don't know. Don't care :) 

Nursery:  Since I found the perfect curtains last week, the nursery isn't on my mind at the moment. I have my eyes peeled for the perfect dresser to refinish but haven't had any luck yet. The right one will find us. And if it doesn't, he has a pretty big closet until we find a dresser :) 

This weekend my mom and I did get to shop for the flannel that will be Mo's quilt though, which is exciting and adorable. 

Movement: He is getting more active! Still only notice him when I am sitting still or laying down and really relaxed, but his movement is getting more pronounced. I think we are close to Hubs being able to feel him from the outside, which is very exciting. 

Symptoms: Little bit of pressure/cramping down low. I feel like I'm carrying a fanny pack with a stone in it. He's not a small child. Or, he doesn't feel like one. 

I had another "Saturday morning slip". I got up at 7 and had a croissant for breakfast, forgot to take my prenatal. Took it on my way to my mom's with a banana at 9:30. Got busy chatting and didn't eat. Flew to the doughnut shop (because hello, Saturday) at 11:00 but it was too late. By the time they had our dozen packed up, I was in the bathroom heaving my guts out. And everyone in the little shop heard me. Those poor doughnut eaters thought they were going to have a peaceful morning sugary treat and instead got to hear me vomit in the rattly little bathroom with paper walls. 

When I walked out of the bathroom (not knowing everyone in the store could hear me heaving) I shyly smiled at the teenaged girl washing the drive-thru window who was staring at me, jaw-dropped. Two old men then looked at me and smiled like, "Poor kid.". I sat down on my stool to eat my doughnut and my mom said, "Feel better?" I said, "Well, yeah now that I puked I feel great!" and she goes, "Those poor guys know better now then to sit next to the bathroom." and it dawned on me that they heard me. And the girl heard me....and probably everyone else there heard me. So, we high-tailed it out of there and I opted to let my stomach settle for another few hours before downing as many doughnuts as I could. And I will just say, I owned a good portion of that dozen all day.  

Cravings: Well, clearly doughnuts. And Jimmy John's. I've had the veggie and BBQ chips three times in seven days and I don't regret a single bite of it. IT. TASTES. MAGNIFICENT. 

Looking forward to: Lots of friends are due soon and I cannot wait to hear about all of their labors, deliveries and meet their little nuggets!! (via Facebook photos) It just makes me more excited for Mo. 

Things I can't stop thinking about: Double strollers. OH man it's the obsession this week. I had one picked out (City Mini GT Double) but it's really rare to find one under $300 on Craigslist. I had one in my grasps for $250 a few weeks ago and let it go (STUPID!) so now I'm hitting the search hard. 

I've opened my search up to the Baby Jogger X3 Summit Double as well. I see a lot of Mountain Buggy Duos on Craigslist for reasonable prices, some even with car seat adapters or carrycots included but I've also heard they don't wear well. 

I know the GT folds down quickly, easily and SUPER compact – enough to have room to spare in the back of my little Honda Fit. I don't know any of that about the X3, but based on research it looks similar. The X3 has three wheels like my Graco which I love, and suspension with shocks, plus is supposed to be better for bigger kids/last longer. I LOVE how the GT handles and the fourth wheel isn't cumbersome because they're all jogger tires. 

So many pros and cons are you understanding that the struggle is real right now for me?!!? 

Retail price on the X3 is about $100 less (on Amazon Prime right now) than the GT. I think I will just watch Craigslist and see what comes up, since they are pretty neck-and-neck. If LW's birthday in May arrives and I still haven't found a good deal on Craigslist (I have alerts set up to email me every time a Baby Jogger stroller is posted in my area. Obsessed) then we will go test drive again and make a decision with what we can get with discounts, coupons, gift cards, etc at the retailer we choose. Time will tell! And I have little patience. 

UPDATE: I received feedback late last night about a double stroller I should look into...and I was up late researching it. Then I was up early this morning not-sleeping with pregnancy insomnia and couldn't stop thinking about it. Meet the two new kids on the block, who are currently in the running for potential LW/Mo Ride 2015: Valco Baby Snap Duo2 and Valco Baby ZeeTWO 
The Snap Duo2 (above) has me hooked because it has this amazing quick-fold technology, auto-locks itself closed and has a standing fold so if you have your hands full with two children running around, you can leave it be and it will support itself, standing neatly without taking up an entire parking space. See a video demo here. Oh, and it's 21lb. Which has me completely sold, plus the price point is lower than the City Mini GT and the ZeeTWO....BUT those wheels. I'm not sure I'm on board with those plastic wheels.... So bring in the ZeeTWO: 
ZeeTWO has a higher price point than the Snap Duo2 (same as the GT retail), but has the slick wheels I am looking for. It's the same weight as the GT, has many of the same features but is getting more attention because of it's large, single basket underneath and Valco's attention-grabbing quick-fold technology. 

There is a store very close to me who carries Valco (one of three in the state) so I have reached out to them to see if they carry both of these models. I may be saving my Jamberry pennies and selling my heart out to buy one of these strollers retail since they are so "new" to the US market. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pregnancy: 19 Week Update


You didn't mis-read the title, and no, I didn't forget a week....Mo's due date got moved up! EIGHT DAYS! We had an ultrasound today and our little Mo was a little camera shy, but did give my OB what he needed to see. And that resulted in moving my due date up 8 days. You have no idea how exciting it is to think I have one less week at the end of my pregnancy. That is like, the bonus of all bonuses. Because I remember that last week sooooo vividly with LW. And it was absolute hell. GO BABY MO! Keep growing strong!

How far along? 19 Weeks

Size of Baby:  Heirloom tomato. Not in season, so I'm safe from eating these too :)  Though, now that I think about it...I could really go for a good caprese. 

Weight Gain: Three pounds since my first appointment, which is actually about 6lb since my last visit. BUT, I feel great and I fit into some of my non-maternity jeans, I learned today so I am feeling extra great. 

Nursery:  I FOUND THE PERFECT CURTAINS. They are navy and ivory stripes and they're absolutely the most perfect curtains that ever curtained. They arrived today and I cannot wait to get some rods and ask Hubs to hang those suckers up. HOORAY!!!!!!!!! This is what they look like: 

Buy them here at Joss & Main (aff link)
Movement: Feeling more and more movement every day! He isn't a super active little dude like his brother was in there, but he's definitely starting to make his presence known a little more. 

Symptoms: My hips are a little sore, like they're getting wider...which I didn't think was possible. My back (KNOCK ON WOOD) has been great this pregnancy so far, so I'll take a little hip ache in place of sciatic pain any day. My low back aches a little, but it's the same kind of ache, just like it's supporting a growing baby. I'll take it. 

I've also had a little RLP on and off. I was hoping I'd dodge that bullet this pregnancy but I guess not. It's the worst when I jump up from sitting down to run after LW or if I sneeze in the wrong position. It usually does pass quickly though. 

Oh, and headaches. I have gotten some gnarly headaches lately. I've started to keep a tally of my water consumption. Typically, if I stay on top of that, I stay ahead of a headache. 

Cravings: Not much this week, really. I have felt pretty hungry and I never really feel "full", which is a slippery slope, I remember. I'm doing all I can to make very healthy choices this time around as often as I can. However, I do not regret a single doughnut I consume. Maybe this pregnancy doughnuts will be my weakness the way Girl Scout Cookies were for my pregnancy with LW. Ohh those damned cookies. I'll do my best to limit doughnuts to one day a week (Saturday is now doughnut day) instead of every night after dinner X-) 

Looking forward to: Starting to acquire things for Mo. Slowly but surely. I've been more actively shopping on Craigslist for our double stroller and mentally budgeting when I can combine all of my Buy Buy Baby coupons to start buying little things like velcro swaddles and paci clips from our registry. I know it's silly to be excited for buying little things, but little things add up to a big sum, especially when we're talking about buying that big @ss stroller that I've been dreaming about, so I'd rather spread it out. 

Hubs has also requested we buy another Combi Coccoro convertible seat – this time for his car for Mo when the time comes, so I'm mentally budgeting for two more convertible car seats. It's never too early to plan for big expenses, in my book! After he has buckled and unbuckled LW from the Combi in my car now he's learned the EvenFlo SureRide he has in his car does not come close to being as nice. You get what you pay for with car seats, people. I've learned this the hard way. We got one Combi and three EvenFlos (grandmas each were told to put one in their cars and Hubs has one in his car). I did all the research and even on the CSFL group it was recommended. "It's a great seat!" they said. "Great on a budget!" they said. Bullocks, I say. Spend the extra hundo and buy a nice car seat. Your kids are in them a lot. 

Things I can't stop thinking about: I bought new maternity jeans and work pants in a more flattering style for my body this time around and they should arrive sometime after Thursday. I can't stop thinking about them because it's been so long since I bought myself new pants I just can't wait to slide them on!!! C'monnnnnn Kohl's! 
30% off, $10 off, 6% cash back through eBates (aff link) with maternity pants BOGO 50% off PLUS $10 Kohl's Cash for next time and a $5 Kohl's Rewards prize.... Why did I ever shop anywhere else!? 

And now, as of Thursday...I'm halfway through my pregnancy. THAT is something to think about. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

DIY Chevron Metal Locker & New Furniture


Slowly but surely, we are starting to furnish our new home. We are decorating this home with the same mentality we decorated the last house, slow and steady. As we find pieces we can't live without that are prices we can't pass up, we buy.

Over time, this is proving to not only be an awesomely affordable method, but we are finding such unique pieces. Our home is such a blend of new and antique in and really inspires me to find even more amazing pieces to put here.

This summer when we knew we would be moving in the fall, we started keeping our eyes peeled at garage and estate sales for anything we felt was special.

Somehow, this locker spoke to me. And I needed it. Also, it was $5.

Look at how sweet and imperfect it is?! How could I say no, especially for $5.

Well, it moved with us and has sat in our garage for months and finally Hubs took the bull by the horns and told me it's time to do something with that locker.

We desperately needed a solution for our toy/book overflow in the family room and this turned out to be the perfect vessel for those items.
Hubs had two weeks off of work around Christmas and New Year's so he worked like a dog and gave our cheap old locker a whole new life. All I did was pick paint and say "I think I want chevron stripes on the front" (which, I realized I"m kind of into chevron right now since I just bought LW chevron curtains but whatever. I'm on-trend, right?!) and Hubs took care of the rest. I am THRILLED with the result and cannot believe how adorable it looks. Plus, it's fully functional for our book storage in the family room. Did you hear me?! I said it's STYLISH, FUNCTIONAL and was AFFORDABLE. That's like, jackpot. Thank you, Hubs. You are the champion of all champions.

Now, this our family room after we organized the books in the locker and moved a majority of the toys into their new home, the living room:
So much nicer!! And cleaner. It's easy to just turn the light off after bed time in the living room and not need to look at the mess. When all the toys were in the family room it felt so claustrophobic. If I didn't pick them up, it was always a mess I had to overlook to watch TV. Now, I just have to toss a few books into the locker after bedtime and I use that teal bucket on the fireplace as overflow toy storage. So if any toys from the living room make their way into the family room, they go in that bucket. It's great!

And - you can see in that photo of the family room that we bought a new chair! We have a Macy's furniture clearance store about 4 miles from our house and we stalk it. Frequently. That beautiful little chair (which I commonly post on Instagram from) Was $150. It reclines and is unbelievably comfortable! It's the perfect chair for pregnancy, too because it's really supportive through my lower back. Such a beautiful thing.

Today, we bit the bullet and bought a couch we'd been stalking for months. We fell in love when we first saw it buying our chair, but didn't want to pay the price they had it marked as. Just by having patience for a few months, we saved $200 on the couch. Meet our $400 little number, which may look familiar :)
Recognize that? It's the big-brother couch to our little yellow $300 couch from the old house. Sure, it's green instead of yellow but we have never shied away from color. Eventually the little yellow couch will move into the new house and sit across this green guy in our formal living room. Here is a reminder;
We are hoping to find an occasional chair in a bold, fun print to seat adjacent to these couches in our living room along with our favorite estate sale find to date, our vintage chest coffee table. You can see that here, in one of our listing photos (with the cute yellow couch) in the old house:
And here from an older post:
See what I mean? Vintage and modern, all in one space. It makes my heart go pitter-patter.

The new house is slowly starting come together more and more! It's becoming more "us" all the time, which I love.

Eventually, the living room will be an "adult" space for entertaining and the toys will all migrate downstairs but for now, while we have little to no furniture, LW gets to run wild in there with all of his toys. With me working from home, it works really well. LW isn't big enough yet to play in the basement alone and I surely don't want to work downstairs all day anyway. This way we both get to enjoy all the natural light this house allows during the day and at night I don't have to look at toys and mess.

One more new chair recently came home with us, courtesy of a friend who I love buying hand-me-downs from. I've been wanting one of the Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chairs for LW for a while, and she happened to have one to unload. A simple patch over the name and we will be golden :) Or, I may try to find a slipcover for that chair with his name on it in a color that works a little more cohesively in our family room space (greens and browns). We'll see what kind of bargains I fall into.
LW clearly loves it, regardless of what name is on it or what color it is.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pregnancy: 17 Week Update


How far along? 17 Weeks

Size of Baby:  Turnip. A random vegetable that I don't need to worry about eating. Finally. 

Weight Gain: Weigh in is Tuesday! We'll see :) But I still feel like I haven't gained a lot. 

Nursery:  Absolutely nada. I can't even think about it lately, I have been so overwhelmingly busy with work. I was up at 5am today worrying about work....and I told myself "Think about something for YOU. Think about something for the nursery! THINK ABOUT HAPPY THINGS" and I couldn't do it. I've hit a block with the nursery. That's okay. It will be done eventually.

Movement: I am starting to feel real bumps and wiggles and kicks! Finally! Only one or two a day for now, but it's definitely there. So exciting! 

Symptoms: I've been having a little cramping the last few days. I have a feeling it's related to all the stress I'm putting on myself elsewhere in my life. I'm doing the best I can to stay relaxed and happy for baby's sake. It's not working out the best, but it's all I can do. 

I did just receive the Jamberry Indulgence Hand Care line tonight so I had my own little hand-spa as a relaxation treat. My hands feel magnificent! Completely worth the splurge. 

Cravings: Chocolate cake, which is convenient since my MIL made one this week and sent it home with me today when I picked up LW. I was so excited I cut off a hunk for myself and mowed it down before dinner. There is no frosting, so that means there are practically no calories in it. Right?

Looking forward to: My friend's shower. So many friends are having babies in the next few weeks and months and I am hosting a shower for one of them in our new home. It will be a lot of my great friends from college so I can't wait to reunite with all of them and show them our home :) Not to mention celebrate my friend's precious baby boy! I have five pregnant friends right now who all are planning to cloth diaper. I'm really in heaven. I could answer cloth questions all day!!!! Someday, I will work for Cotton Babies :) #dreamjob 

Things I can't get off my mind: Sadly, I can't stop thinking about work lately. But, that's not to talk about here. Otherwise, I can't stop thinking about planning this SHOWER! I absolutely LOVE baby showers and all baby THINGS, not to mention entertaining. Scratch my mention about working for CB, I want to just throw baby showers for everyone, ever. Can that be my job!? Celebrate all the babies. Cloth diaper all the babies. Wear all the babies. Nurse all the babies. BABIES!!!!! 

Oh, and if you didn't see, there was a teaser on Instagram. Mo's real name is "out". See if you can peep it :) 
That's all for now!

Monday, January 12, 2015

I Bit the Bullet: In-Home Child Care


Pregnancy is tiring. Working is tiring. Parenting is tiring. The triple-threat of all three at once every day became too much for me (as I'm sure you've noticed from my pathetic number of blog posts for the last...year).

After questioning whether I really needed help or not (the answer has always been yes, I've just been too stubborn to admit it), Hubs and I decided it was time we hired some help for me during the week.

I knew it was time because if I looked at myself from an outside perspective, I was embarrassed at how I started to parent. More of my day was spent pushing my son away from me than scooping him up for snuggles. I said, "Just go watch TV" more times in an 8 hour work day than I could count. And when TV didn't do it, Frozen and a bucket of animal crackers did. And I yelled. OH did I yell. Who was I?! This is NOT the mom I want to be. This is NOT the way I want my son to remember his childhood. "Yeah, my mom stayed home but she worked, so she never really paid any attention to us". Nuh-uh. No way. Time for reinforcements.

Now, I'm not saying that things will be perfect now because I have a three hour a week break, but you can believe it's already made a difference in my mentality. Just KNOWING for the last week that help was expected today has changed my mood and increased my patience.

A great friend of mine is a SAHM with a son 3 weeks older than LW and has offered to watch LW countless times for me to give me a break so I can concentrate more thoroughly on work. Then her offers to watch him became a subtle, "You know, I'm thinking of starting to nanny...just a few hours a week..." and finally I hit a wall last week and said, "That's it! I'm doing it. I'm hiring her to come save me."

For us, I believe it's truly the perfect blend. I still work from home, I don't have to go anywhere to drop LW off. He gets a playmate for three hours a week. She gets out of her house for a change-of-pace plus makes a little money and I get to work. Blissful, uninterrupted, diaper change-less work for three. straight. hours. THAT doesn't even include nap time, which can be up to FOUR additional hours! I mean, that is best-case scenario but THE POSSIBILITY IS REAL.

Many moms have teased me (in good fun, I know) that I would be giving up something by getting help, and now is the time to "be" with my child because he won't be this young again. I'll "never get this time back". Twenty months ago, I would have agreed with them. However at this stage in our financial life the reality is, I need to do great work and continue earning for our family as long as I can. And to do that, I need help being a mom. I need a few little slivers of time to not be bothered and hunker down to really, truly, invest in myself and my job.

I can be on conference calls anywhere. I can check email, read articles, share stories, respond to messages and notifications all in my extra nuggets of time throughout the work day when I AM interrupted without it affecting my workflow. But sometimes I just need to not be bothered and those times are getting harder and harder to come by with Mr. Independent romping through my house.

I feel so relieved just from one day of having help. Not to mention, it was wonderful to be able to hear LW giggling and laughing with a friend all morning while they played trains and had a dance party. I also have the comfort of knowing LW is in exceptional hands because this friend parents the same way Hubs and I parent. Plus, I know LW is getting snacks and beverages I would give him, because he's home. I never have the question of "I wonder what he ate this morning..." (other than the obvious question mark of occasional bits of kibble, cat hair and laundry lint which no one can prevent at this point).

So, I am missing out on three hours a week with my son in addition to the ten hours once a week I have to go into the office for the day. But, I feel like we are both gaining so much from the experience already that I don't have a shred of regret. Not one shred.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Pregnancy: 16 Week Update


Sorry my blog posts have only been pregnancy related lately. It's a struggle for me to find the balance between exhaustion, working enough, parenting enough, cleaning enough, cooking enough, blogging get the picture. 

How far along? 16 Weeks

Size of Baby:  Avocado! This happens to be a staple snack for LW and I LOVE guacamole, so I haven't seemed to have an issue consuming or cutting up avos this week :) Thank goodness. 

Weight Gain: Still no clue. Two more weeks until I weigh in again! 

Nursery:  My window treatment obsession has been curbed! HOORAY! Finally. I was nearly losing sleep over the fact that we would miss the last available blinds I liked at Bed Bath & Beyond before they were sold out (discontinued model) so on New Year's Day Hubs and I trekked out to the store with LW and bought the last two. I am so relieved. 

Also, I put my nesting to good use by updating LW's "big boy room" windows: 
He isn't in the twin bed yet, but I already feel like his room is so grown up with the window treatments and new throw (both of which have helped us with nap time - story for another post perhaps). 

Movement: With LW I feel like from 10 weeks on he was just running laps. I know it's normal to not feel movement at all until 18 or so weeks, but this baby is really a snoozer. I'm not sure if it's a cause for concern, or if it's because I am so busy I don't stop to think and feel and connect with him (queue Mom guilt) or if it's just too early...or if he's truly just a lazy bum! In the ultrasounds I've had so far the tech has had to jostle him pretty firmly to get him to cooperate or move at all and even then he gave a casual hand gesture or slow-motion kick and went back to napping. Maybe he will be like that in real life....since we all know in real life Billy DOES just run laps, constantly. A mom can dream, ya know. 

Symptoms:  I'm fighting the tail end of an annoying cold that just won't my nose is stuffy a lot. And I'm sure that isn't being helped by the pregnancy at all. Otherwise, I'm suddenly very hungry. And could eat all. the. food. 

Cravings:  Chocolate cake glazed doughnuts. Ohhh baby. I tried getting sour cream doughnut holes at the grocery store and that did not hit the spot so on our way to church on Sunday Hubs stopped and got me one of the delicious doughnuts I've been craving. Ohhhhh it made me so very very happy. 

Looking forward to: Our ultrasound in two weeks! Hubs took the day off of work and I am already looking forward to having another very long weekend with him home to help (and snuggle). 

Things I can't get off my mind: Since we took care of my blinds crisis and Hubs got me a doughnut, I'm happy as a clam! I'm feeling a slight nag from my subconscious about wanting to find a care option for LW a few days a week...and then wondering what I will do when Mo will I manage...but I'm doing my best to just smash those nagging thoughts right back down to where they came from and try to enjoy every minute I can with LW as we are still just the two of us during the work day and enjoy the pregnancy with Mo as much as possible. 

Every day I feel like I hit a near-breaking point and wonder, "HOW can I do this?! WHY do I do this!? WHEN will it get better?!!" and I somehow seem to keep pushing through, persevering, and everything is fine. By the end of the work day I've always done what I needed to do, dinner is ready to start, and I can start looking forward to Hubs coming home to help with everything. Somehow, every just works. I am so thankful for that.

I have become addicted to Call the Midwife and seeing all of those natural deliveries and home births has made me start thinking, "Could I have this baby naturally? Do I think I could do it this time? Will this labor be different from the labor I experienced with LW?" Then, there was an episode with a placental abruption (as I had with LW) and it all came flooding back to me. The pain. The fear. The worry. The relief and comfort I felt from my epidural and knowing I had a team of tremendous doctors and nurses by my side...and immediately I thought, "Yes. An epidural it is. Unless God will have it differently, I will deliver this baby comfortably with a beautifully numbing epidural." because the moment I got it with LW, everything got so, so so much better. 

Monday, December 29, 2014

Pregnancy: 15 Week Update


The last few days I felt like for a minute my tummy disappeared, but my appetite did as well so I'm sure the two are related. I just took this photo before starting this post, so my tummy and appetite are both clearly back, as you can see.
How far along?  15 Weeks

Size of Baby:  Apple. turn makes me feel morbid every time I bite into an apple this week. Anyone else have that feeling!? 

Weight Gain:  No idea. I don't weigh myself at home, only when I go in, so I won't know any more weight gain until 18 weeks :P  

Nursery:  Yesterday I bought a pile of things for LW's room but the longer I stare at them...they may transition into being for Mo's room. Decisions, decisions. I'll have to have Hubs model them for me in each room before I make a decision. 

I do think I've decided to use an IKEA Raskog cart for diapers in Mo's nursery, like this one but in grey:
LW will still be in OS diapers but Mo should be in NB diapers for a while, so I can just move all of the NB/Size 1's to this sweet little cart and when LW is potty trained I'll move the whole Antonius system over with the OS diapers.

Movement:  He scared me over the weekend and I wasn't feeling anything, but I think I was so busy with the holiday I just hadn't noticed. The last day or two he's been a dancing fool depending on what I'm up to. Still nothing completely consistent like when I eat X or do yoga or whatever, but I definitely feel him whirling and twirling in there. 

Symptoms:  I vomited for the first time Saturday morning :( I only ate a banana with my prenatal at 8:30am, then forgot to eat again until after 10 and it was too late. Everything I shoveled down came right back up. I'm being much more conscious now about eating every hour or two and just today is the first time Mo has been telling me "I'm hungry!" Usually it's "Oh sh*t I'm nauseous and that means Mo is starving" 

Cravings:  Nothing really this week. Since I haven't been hungry lately I haven't been craving anything. Just today I ate about 6 peanut butter kiss cookies though and they really hit the spot! 

Looking forward to: Snuggling him. Last night I watched Breastmilk on Netflix and it stirred up a lot of feelings I have about breastfeeding (mainly: how I am itching to nurse again). Then I started "Call the Midwife" and seeing all those labors and deliveries are making me excited for the end result, snuggling my baby boy. 

Things I can't get off my mind: This section is new because I tend to obsess, and I think maybe it will be interesting to look back and see what I obsessed over throughout this pregnancy :) 

I started a registry for Mo. Not because I am asking for gifts, but because I keep thinking of things that we will need to purchase for his arrival and I don't want to wait and buy it all at once. I think keeping it all in one place via a registry will keep me organized and as I go to the store and have a coupon, I can pick up an item here or there and just delete it from the registry. Then, at the end, the things I can't buy in stores with coupons at least I can take advantage of the Amazon 10% off registry completion with free shipping!

A few things on the registry are there because I wish we'd had them for LW. Like: really nice, velcro swaddles in tiny sizes. We only had one for LW and I felt like we were always looking for it but it was dirty because we'd just used it. For Mo I hope to have several of the velcro ones instead of just using a muslin blanket because they are just so much easier. 

Another upgrade is a nice nursing dress

I did the 'double shirt method' with LW and it worked fine, but I'd love to have one or two dresses and tops made for nursing. I don't plan on nursing Mo with a cover since after a few months I stopped using one with LW, so discreet nursing clothes would be really wonderful. Maybe I'll even splurge and get a set of nursing jammies or tanks

Most other things are on the registry because we use(d) them for LW and love(d) them. Like MAM pacifiers, Booginhead paci clips, Planet Wise diaper pail liners and a Combi Coccoro convertible seat. 

Our Medela bottles will be used again, but need new nipples and I'm planning to get the same cheap humidifier we have for LW so at least we don't need to buy two types of filters to have on hand. 

The big ticket item we will need, that I will not compromise on, but WILL most likely buy used, is our double stroller. We've test driven loads of them and the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double is our pick. I am not picky on color, but if we end up buying new, I think I may go with this sporty red:
Finally, I added a few Lil Joey print diapers on there too because hey, newborns poop a lot :-) Soooo....that justifies more newborn diapers....right Hubs?! Plus, Mo will be a summer baby. That means his diaper will be his outfit all the time! 

In the middle of the night when I have to change a diaper and don't want to think about fastening a Snappi, AIO diapers are a beautiful thing and for little bitty butts those Lil Joey diapers are THE CUTEST (and, I found, most absorbent). 

What were your favorite newborn goodies?