Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Endless Cycle of Eating Habits


I'm finding that my eating and health habits come in a cycle.

Week 1: I'm going to eat healthy AND work out because I deserve to feel better!!
Week 2: I can cheat a little..I ate REALLY well last week...and worked out...twice...
Week 3: Screw you all, I'm eating everything I see. Step away from my ice cream cone. I'm never working out again.
Week 4: I feel pretty terrible...I cheated all last week...what's another week of eating garbage?! I probably look fine. My pants shrunk in the wash.

See the trend? Girls, you can probably understand where I'm coming from in that "Week 3" pit of emotion.

I'm currently in a "Week 1" mentality and kicking myself when I look in the mirror. Cellulite? Double chin....arm fat?Come. On. But, there's a major we packed 85% of our kitchen. I have zero pots, pans, knives or spices available. Not to mention, that whole Grocery Challenge 2012 thing is in effect for 4 more days (gasp). Not that it matters, because we will be eating all of our meals out for the next 10ish days until we move in & unpack our gear & can cook a meal. So, I'm going to start tracking my meals and counting calories *shivers* in these final days, to see how my eating habits are. I know this is a false reading, since I have no kitchen and typically we eat at home during the week...but I just need to get into the habit of tracking what I'm consuming.

Next, I need to find the motivation to work out. I tried that whole circuit training schtick twice and let it fade away like a distant memory. Kind of like the memory of how great I felt when I worked out everyday. Thanks to Pinterest, I have discovered a blog to inspire me. This particular "pin" grabbed my attention, because the left photo is (I feel) pretty accurate to how I am now, and the right photo is what I want to look like.

Muffin TopLess
So, who wants to be my buddy? I want to start tracking my meals and workouts using MyFitnessPal, and I want to share it with someone so on bad days I have someone telling me, "You are weak" and on good days, "You are strong." This blog isn't about health & fitness, or I'd just blog blog BLOG away right here. I'm thinking of starting an evening email thread. Who's in? 

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  1. Jess come join our 90 day challenge on facebook! It is a bunch of friends keeping one another honest in our efforts to lose weight, shape and tone!