Monday, July 23, 2012

Looking Forward


I am so incredibly excited (and honored!) to announce that a new series on All Things Girl launches this week!

Once a month, you'll find me over at "Habitation" on All Things Girl - chatting about DIY projects and interior design. I'm elated to share my ideas on how a house becomes a home, and what I'm doing in our home to cross that bridge.

In other news: I love fall. Some friends and I have been discussing it today, and while we understand we should drink the last drops of summer months, this summer has been hot in Chicago. So stinking hot.

I can't hide my affection for slouchy boots, careless sweaters and effortless scarves.

Bill and I met in the fall, so that makes the season that much more magical.

Plus...this year after fall....*drumroll*....I will be participating in my first craft fair! December 15 you will find me at Fremd High School selling fun things in the hallway of the second floor. My heart is thumping already, I am so excited to take this next step in my crafting adventure!!!

It's official! I'm attending!!

If you're in the area, I'd love if you stopped by the booth! I'll be branding the business as "Sparkles & Crafts"– since my readers have been my inspiration, it's only fitting that the business will be named as such!

Thank you all for your support and kind words throughout my journey so far - you inspire me!


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