Tuesday, July 17, 2012

So In Love


Can I tell you again how in love I am? Because it's an insane amount....and it's with our house.

Don't get me wrong, Bill is the most wonderful man in the universe, and he is my heart and soul...but this house. OH this house.

Every moment I'm here I just want to snuggle. When I walk in the door, I feel like I'm getting a big hug.

I feel like I am meant to be here. We're meant to grow our family here. I can practically hear the pitter-patter of little feet scampering down the hall already while we wait to open gifts on Christmas morning.

I am beginning projects now that we're totally unpacked. Tonight I ripped out that lovely wallpaper in the (future) nursery. See?

Top: Before Bottom: After
I still have some clean-up work to do, but luckily 3.75 out of 4 walls of wallpaper came off 100% clean: paste, paper and all. Fabulous!!

I bought a GIANT tub of fabric softener for this project from Costco, thinking I would be getting dizzy on "Fresh Scent" while I spritzed and scraped...but the paper practically jumped off the wall. I'm saving the spritzing and scraping for another day.

Right now, I give another big, happy sigh and sip my iced green tea, wondering what I've done to deserve this life. God is good. All the time. 


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