Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Playlist 2012


My favorite part of the day is the morning. While I drive to work. Weird, right? Hear me out.

Every morning, I have a distinct routine. After getting ready physically, I start to prepare for the day mentally. I make our lunches (and sometimes our dinners) and pour myself a chai.

I take care of Princess and climb into my little car to start the 14 mile haul to the office.

And I push play on my current playlist.

Some of the songs are totally nerdy, but I'm a total nerd, so I embrace them for what they are. (Yes, "Call Me Maybe" is on the list. How could I leave that jam off!?)

As I cruise down the road with the windows down, rocking my Wayfarers, I sing and tap my fingers (okay, sometimes I really rock out and pretend I'm the drummer) on my steering wheel.

I've built this playlist for Summer 2012 because I love the nostalgia that music evokes. I love hearing songs years from when I originally had a memory and being brought right back to when and where I was when I first heard that beat.

Here is a breakdown of what a few of these little gems remind me of:
  • Mumford & Sons: Little Lion Man & The Cave are my two favorite Mumford tunes, firstly because they have insane harmonies. Secondly because Mike & Joe cover each of them, making me weak in the knees. I know, I know. My husband is in an AMAZING 90's cover band - but this summer a close friend introduced me to Mike & Joe. Immediately, I became obsessed (read: borderline mental) with them because I love the memories my friends and I have created while at the Mike & Joe shows. The smell of the crowd, the smiles and ridiculous dance moves. So much happiness in one room I could drink it.
  • Glee - "I Won't Give Up" / Original by Jason Mraz: This song makes me cry virtually every time I hear it. I frequently have flash-forwards of what life may be like in 17 years, and this song takes me right there. I imagine singing it to our future children while they stumble through their teen years.  I am not naive. I know our children will be the same as every other teen, they will make mistakes and do things that will make me want to tear my hair out. I imagine this song will give me strength, even all those years from now. I suggest current mothers of teens give it a listen. Caution: Moms, you'll cry.
  • Taylor Swift - "Sparks Fly": Did any of you watch the Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular this year? Yep. This song brings me right back there. Laying on the couch with my husband, wrapped up in his arms, so in love it hurts because I could hug him until he pops.
  • Colbie Caillat - "Brighter Than The Sun": My best friend and I played this goofy game in college (I made it up): You pretend your iPod is a Magic 8 Ball. Set the iPod to total song shuffle, ask it a question, and hit 'next'. The song that pops up is the answer to your question. There is one question I can't share yet, but more times than once this has been the answer :) 
  • Fun. - "Some Nights":  The first handful of times I heard this song, I sobbed. Absolutely sobbed because it made me so happy (Seriously, I cry at everything). I still feel my heart expand in my chest when I hear it because of one specific line, "Oh Lord, I'm still not sure what I stand for." It is so true. I have morals, I have beliefs, but really...What do I stand for? This is a question I ask myself every day in hopes I continue to better myself and improve the things I believe in. 
  • Erin McCarley - "Love Save The Empty": Three years ago on June 11, I lost my best friend. My horse of 8 years. My rock. I am forever changed because of the strength he gave me and when I lost him, I felt so empty. Driving home from the farm after I lost him, this song came on. I listened to it on repeat every minute I could that summer and I prayed. I prayed that Love save me because I felt empty. I was in a loveless relationship that was going nowhere. I felt empty without my horse, my best friend who was there for me every heartbreak through middle school, high school and college. I felt empty as a brand new college graduate with nowhere to work. In August, I had full time employment. In September I met Bill. Love did save me. Every summer, I listen to this song on repeat and give thanks.
What's on your summer playlist?  What do those songs mean to you?


  1. Ummm hello....where is Poker Face? Still think of you when I hear it....blog is great and congratulations on the new home. Dahris

  2. Hahaha that's too funny!! Thanks Dahris :) Hope all is well!!