Friday, July 27, 2012

The Skinny


It's Friday!!! I'm so grateful for Fridays. Especially when they are the first day of the OLYMPICS!!!!

My husband and I are complete Olympic addicts, so I am thoroughly bummed that he is busy working on a production of Guys & Dolls right now with a community theater group. Oh well, I'll get to see the show on Sunday so I'm sure this week without him will be better when I see him rocking on his bass.

I'll have great friends ringing in the opening ceremony with me (and an awesome recipe I found on Pinterest) so I know it will still be fun to watch.

Projects on the house have had annoying hiccups. I promised Bill to finish one project before I start the next, but this week seemed to be the week of delays....and I'm too impatient to wait before I start something else.

A friend came over Tuesday night and helped me wash the walls of the (future) nursery and spackle some holes, but when Bill came home he realized what bad shape the wallpaper had left the walls in, and said the room needed more work before I continue on.

Thinking it would be done in a snap, I started another project this week....and to put it frankly, I thought wrong. I want to keep the element of surprise alive, so I won't tell you what the project is...but know when it's finished it will be a long overdue celebration.

ONE project I was able to start and complete in one night was sewing a pair of skinny jeans! I'd seen a few differentt tutorials on Pinterest, so I had be basic idea of what to do. I took a pair of wide leg jeans I'd bought way back when I worked at White House | Black Market which I knew I'd never wear in their wide-legged state, and started pinning.

I'm very happy with the end result! I've always wanted a pair of white skinnies and now I have them - for free!

What's better? On Sunday when I stitched these babies up, I tried slipping them on when I was finished and...they didn't fit. Talk about motivation!

I can gladly report this morning my (not that) skinny self slid right into them ((*shouts and hollers*)) Looks like watching what I'm eating is paying off!

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  1. Awesome! I'm totally sporting my skinny jean capris which I couldn't fit into in the beginning of the season!!! :D