Friday, August 31, 2012



Well, I know I told you after I refinished my desk I would tell you all about the other project I worked on that day...but I haven't had a chance to get the finishing touches for it, so you have to wait a little longer :)

Meanwhile, I collected the final bits of materials I needed to start building inventory of my Easy Kindle Covers to sew for the craft fair!

Aren't they yummy?!
 Once I read through the instructions I wrote and followed them to make a cover, I realized how impractical they were for someone who didn't know what they were doing, so expect an updated version to that tutorial soon! Perhaps accompanied with step-by-step photos.

Why am I giving out the pattern for something I'm selling? It's easy: I believe everyone is entitled to cute things. If you want to buy these from me, that's awesome! If you have a passion for sewing and want to make your own from your pile of swagger fabric, that is awesome too.

Speaking of cute: check out the one I made last night.

Love the pinks/oranges in these patterns. So playful and bright.

Maybe if you're lucky I will do a giveaway for one :-) Would anyone like that?

In addition to these adorable Kindle Cases, I'll be selling iPad cases and Christmas ornaments. Oh, and a few funky, fun furniture pieces refinished by yours truly. You won't want to miss it!! December 15th at Fremd High School. Be there! 

Keep your eyes peeled - I will also be opening my Etsy shop by the end of the year. It's good to be Sparkles and Crafts!!

P.S. And unrelated: OUR NEW DECK WAS STARTED TODAY! Can't wait to show you the before & after transformation :)

Have a safe & happy holiday weekend! I'll be at the flea market digging for some vintage pieces with @CBGeneva. Can't wait!


  1. I'm totally game for a give away!!! Your covers are AWESOME :)

  2. OOO I'm gonna need a kindle cover & iPad cover! They are to freaking cute!!!

  3. Yay for those cute Kindle covers! LOVE the fabrics! And I'm so excited you're opening an Etsy store! Eeeeek! We might have to collaborate on a giveaway!!!!!!!!!!! :)


  4. Those prints are adorable! I'm sure you'll sell a lot of Kindle and iPad covers at the fair--I would buy one! Hope you have a good holiday weekend as well.