Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Refinished Brass Lamps


Remember about a month and a half ago when I told you I scored a bunch one weekend at a garage sale? No? That's okay, I kind of forgot too.

Well I am excited to say I am FINALLY done refinishing a pair of old brass lamps I got from that sale :) They were $10 and I got them with a very cool hutch (also $10) we had to strap to Bill's car to get home.

I let Bill pick the color for these since I wasn't really sure where they would work in our new home yet - and I LOVE the color he chose.

Here is how they started:

Two awesomely brass (heavy) lamps
 Then, I primed them with a spray primer (I stuffed the lightbulb hole with a plastic bag to protect it)
Primed lamp
 It dried almost immediately, so I painted the color (YELLOW!!! My favorite!) right away

Yellow lamp!
I searched for weeks. I mean weeks and spent hundreds of dollars in lamp shades because I couldn't find the "right" shades for these suckers, so I ended up returning the rest and keeping the originals! Total cost for this renovation was $16, or $8 per lamp.

Ta da! A lamp! In a (still) very unpainted nursery...

It's a very pretty, sunny yellow
The other lamp is currently living on a side table (which I plan to refinish this fall) in our guest bedroom, looking lovely. I reposition each a few times a week to see where they will permanently live, and I am still undecided. One may stay in the nursery....the other, I'm not sure.

I decorate with purpose, I don't like to go to a store, choose an entire display and cart it home. I choose individual items that speak to me and I'm letting this house tell me where things belong.

Once I took the photos I realized the room still isn't sanded, primed or painted (my bad), so I asked for some help to move the dresser and started sanding.

I know, I know...I'm not wearing a mask. I had my T-shirt over my nose for some of the sanding, I swear.

Someday the walls will get primed and painted.
Maybe today. Maybe next week. 


  1. I love doing this to all things...finding old items that others throw out and giving it new it..I think it gives the stuff more character..dont you??


    1. I totally agree, Rosalyn! I love giving things a new life - and I am addicted to saving money, so the two go hand-in-hand!

  2. How awesome!!!! I need to find more time to do this kind of stuff, love it!!!

    1. Thanks Joni! I am very please with how they turned out - even with the original shades! I hated them at first, but now I feel like they're exactly what I was looking for all along :)

  3. I'm a little sad that you painted over the brass -- I'm kind of a sucker for natural -- but they came out lovely! I love that soft yellow (which is one of my favorite colors).

    1. Haha. Ironically, the brass photographed much better than it actually looked in real was verrrrry dated in real life. I love the yellow - it is my favorite also!