Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sneak Peek: Nursery


Well, because there isn't a baby on the way I won't be doing much more with the nursery, so I won't post any "complete" photos until it's...complete!

Hubby locked me out of the room today and painted it, so when I was allowed in I took a quick snapshot to give you all a sneak peek. The color we chose is "Dolphin Fin" by Behr.

Print by Mandipidy
It is cool and bright and exactly what I hoped it would be. I am in love.

The print in the "sneak peek" photo is one we found by an artist on Etsy. Bill and I searched for hours to find a print we both loved featuring the lyrics to "Bushel And A Peck", a nursery rhyme Bill's dad sung to him as a baby (Bill also sung it to me when we started dating/ Bill & I frequently sing it in the car together now). Mandipidy's illustrative and fun typographic style was exactly what we were looking for and she worked with us on customizing the color to meet my picky requirements.

I can't wait until this room is finished so I can share it ALL with you!


  1. Pretty!

    So I take it you're in baby planning mode? :D

    1. Trying to get major projects done while it's still warm enough to have the windows open for ventilation! Who knows what the winter will bring :)