Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Useful Spaces: Hobby Room cont.


NORDEN!!!!!! I love this table. (I tend to personify everything, so the table is now a "him"...just go with it)

He was a piece of cake to assemble, which being from IKEA I did not expect! I sat down on the rug and got straight to it. I read the instructions all the way through before I started, had all my tools ready and did it all straight through! I feel like my dad would be so proud.

Please excuse the wall color. We thought it was "neutral" when we moved in (previous owners painted this) so we didn't find it very offensive. The more we look at it, the more we hate it....and when you accidentally rub up against the wall, the color comes off all over your clothes. Bill and I have started calling it "Foundation" because that's what it looks like in person, and on your clothes. Makeup foundation. Blech! I don't even wear that! I don't want it on the walls!!


Messy, I know.

Really messy. 

Princess was curious about this project from the start.

There he is!! NORDEN!

Reluctantly accepting this new item...

This is with one side open. I didn't want to drop him
on my toes, so I decided fully open photos will
happen when friends are here to use him :) 

Ahhh. Much better. Except that paint color. Blech.
At some point that desk will be refinished. I'm not telling what color, but I will tell you I've given you a hint before :) It's been my desk since childhood, and refinished a number of times. Still going strong, old desk!

Also, at some point, the walls will be painted a fresh and bright neutral but for now, we live with "Foundation". It's not that bad.


  1. ooooo I think I know what color it is! And if I'm right that is going to look FABULOUS!