Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Useful Spaces: Hobby Room


While we moved in just 5 little weeks ago, our house immediately felt like home. The moment we unlocked the door Bill and I breathed a sigh of relief as months of frustration and heartache was lifted from our chests. We were home.

We unpacked almost immediately (really, in three days) and started living our lives as usual, just in this fun and new space.

The rooms were unpacked...but they felt just like space that stored our stuff. The house kind of had a "flow", but not really. It really was more, "Here's a room. Here's a room. Oh, hey, this is another room." We were proud of it but it really was a building with lots of rooms.

Oh - and most of those rooms didn't have lamps plugged into sockets with switches...so when we tried to walk into a room after sunset it was a mindless wave of our hands in the air until we bumped into something...and switched on the lamp.

I am slowly starting to add our own little touches here and there, beginning to build the house into a place full of useful spaces. And lamps. A lot of lamps. On switches! (A novel idea, I know.)

Our fourth bedroom is in the basement and we're calling it the "Hobby Room". Until this past weekend it was a wreck of instrument cases, miscellaneous piles of fabric and my sewing machine on an old desk (which I am eventually refinishing, I promise).

On Sunday Hubby took charge and hung all of his guitars on the wall and stowed the cases away. HOORAY! Less clutter!

However...that left "my side" of the Hobby Room....which was still full of misc. piles of fabric, etc.

I found this little gem at IKEA yesterday and snapped it up:

Meet Norden.
It's going to serve so many perfect uses, I can't wait to assemble it tonight while Bill rocks out at band practice. The drawers are just the right size for scrapbooking/card making material storage and the leaves fold out (FOLD.OUT! OMG.)

I can use the table at its max when I am cutting new fabric for quilts or other fun projects I have planned.

Norden will also serve as my buddy table when I have friends over to sew said "fun projects", giving them a place to sit and sew!

Then, his happy leaves will fold back down and hide when it's time for him to just be a storage unit. I am thrilled!!

My next mission is to find a fun chair for him. I can't wait to see what I find! Since he was a bit of an impulse (although necessary) buy, I'm going to hunt for just the right chair to accent him (read: FREE).

Expect photos soon!


  1. LOVE that desk!!! and OMG the waving your hands around until you bumped into something is sooo something I have done before. I still do it in parts or our house we aren't in often! lol

    1. I keep telling myself, this is just part of the charm of being a new home owner :)

  2. I LOVE Norden!!! The perfect hobby table! I wish we lived close to each other and could have hobby nights with Norden.


    1. I do too!! That would be so fun :) If you're ever in Chicago, let me know. We can do dinner, and you can get a tour of Casa de Bedsole (which will probably have lamps in every room by that point).

      P.S. Love the new URL!!

  3. Love the IKEA table. I can just picture myself doing so many little projects on it--scrapbooking, sewing, knitting, and so on. Gotta love IKEA. They think of everything!