Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chalkboard Freezer Top


My parents kindly passed their deep freezer onto us when we moved into this house. It has been in my mom's family for decades, so I am excited to have brought it into our family now that Bill and I are homeowners.

Knowing how easily (and quickly) we get disorganized, we realized the best idea to keep track of what is in this bottomless chest freezer would be to write it down.

Bill's mom came up with the perfect solution! Chalkboard paint the top. So, we did!!

Check it out:


Lots of rust!
 I sanded the top with 180 and 220 grit using a power sander, and painted one coat of spray primer to give the chalkboard paint a good base. This is after three coats of chalkboard paint:


Finished product

Convenient chalk placement is key!

Look at all that FOOD!
 I didn't realize how runny chalkboard paint is, so while I was careful and taped the perimeter, the painters tape I used wasn't adhering to the steel freezer and drips slipped past me anyway. Since it's a garage freezer, I'm not worried about cleaning it up. It serves its purpose!!

This is going to make meal planning a snap, since I won't need to dig through the icy chamber to see what we have!


  1. LOVE this!!! I want to do chalkboard pain somewhere, too. Did you find a recipe for it??


  2. How cool! I love it! I also love you opted to go for a green chalkboard paint versus the black everyone seems to do now! Good job!

    -Ann Marie