Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Word Vomit


It's FRIDAY!!!! And I am so happy. Prepare yourself for what you're about to see and uncensored version of my stream of consciousness. Enjoy :)

I am currently in love with the Nikon V1. I've been shopping for a digital camera for a while, because we've been on so many trips and our iPhone cameras don't do the beautiful scenery justice. We have virtually zero photos worthy of a frame from our last year of traveling, and it makes me very sad. So I'm drooling over the Nikon....unless...

The iPhone 5 I have on the way turns out to have an outstanding camera. I have read the specs and seen the videos, but until I actually use it and see the quality, I don't believe it is better than the Nikon for photography. Quick shots of Princess? Sure. Beautiful photo of the mountains in Montana? Probably won't cut it. Speaking of Princess...

She's been acting out. Like a little snot. Bill went to finish another part of the deck last week and found she'd been using this post as a chew toy. I tried to plead her case...and tell him it must have been a squirrel, but sure enough when we watched her outside, she went straight to the post and started nibbling. Hopefully, I scared her enough when I caught her doing it (imagine stomping, screaming, clapping, and jumping) she won't continue this habit on our BRAND NEW DECK. She hasn't touched it since, so we'll see. The deck...

...isnt' finished yet, but Bill has it on the agenda tomorrow so when it is 100% I will photograph and share it with all of you. We've been using it, I actually enjoy my evening read out on that orange chair & listen to Princess play in the yard. This has been a good week for Princess because since she has been acting like a lady again...

Her first BarkBox came!! She could smell all the goodies inside so it was all she could stand to sit here like a good girl while I took her photo. This month it came with a toy she is OBSESSED with called a Crinkit - You stuff an empty water bottle in it so while they play, it makes that crinkle sound from the plastic water bottle. She thinks it is the absolute. best. thing. ever. 

In other news, I'm sick of our laundry detergent and I think it's time to switch. I've read at least a hundred tutorials on how to make my own laundry detergent, but I just don't think it's right for us. I've been using a liquid ALL Brand, and if I forget to switch the laundry for more than a few hours, the whole load smells sour until it's totally washed again. To be honest (excuse my launguage) it really pisses me off because I'm not perfect and I ALWAYS forget to switch laundry!

In our condo, we had an all-in-one LG Washer/Dryer, so I just tossed the laundry & detergent in, hit "Play" & 4 hours later our clothes were clean & dry! This switching thing is really a headache.

I think I'm going to switch to Tide powder - I love the classic scent, it reminds me of my childhood, before liquid detergent was all the rage. I want our clothes smelling fresh & clean. This BO/sour laundry smell has got to go! I know it could be our water...but it doesn't smell foul when I do dishes or take a shower, so I think the detergent scent just isn't strong enough. Time for the big guns, because I doubt my laziness will subside.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend :) Enjoy it...FALL STARTS TOMORROW!

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  1. You crack me up. YAY for fall tomorrow - and bad Princess! She is not living up to her name. I'm finding all sort of things the cats have been into.. most recently a claw mark down the wall, exposing the bare bones. NOT happy! Oh and I can't wait to see more of the deck!!!! :)