Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our New Deck!


It' DONE!!!! We officially have a beautiful, finished deck.

The original deck didn't pass the inspection - by a long shot. The inspector told us it isn't safe to use or walk on & we thought, "Yeah, sure. It's your job to scare us, whatever."

It took the crew all of 10 minutes to knock down the previous deck. Want to know what tool they used? A shovel. That's all. 
Now we know - he wasn't kidding! It REALLY was not hanging onto the house by anything and it also wasn't attached to the concrete patio. It was just posts on the concrete. If you tried to punt one of them out, you surely could have and sent the deck crashing down.


Throughout construction, Princess couldn't stay off the deck.
There were stairs, why not climb all over the lumber?! 

Bill laid out all the boards & did the decking himself!

Mmmm. Red Cedar. 

PP really loves sunbathing on "her" new deck :) 

The finished product!! 
Our beautiful new deck. I LOVE IT

Ta-Da!!! (And a Princess butt)
It took longer than expected - but doesn't everything? We're thrilled with the final product and I've already enjoyed countless evenings on it with Princess, reading my book. Couldn't be happier!!


  1. Wow it looks SO good!!!!! I love huge decks to relax on!!! You have a handy hubby!!