Monday, October 8, 2012

Getting Into The Fall Spirit


Recently I wrote about my terrible wreath on All Things Girl. In that post I admitted to the defeat of Halloween/fall decorations. I will not have the best front steps on the block, and I'm cool with it.

Today I have the day off and I was inspired to cheer up our front steps since we moved all of our "summer" plants back inside. It's a sad, barren wasteland begging for some attention.

Michael's has everything for fall 50% off, so I took full advantage and spent $37 on fun stuff to spruce up the house and bring it into the season, the front steps being my priority.

This is the adorable little scarecrow I nabbed for $7.99.
I'm calling her Sally.

Welcome! $7.99 for this nugget too. SO CUTE 
Wait... where did the rest of my money go...? Okay, so I went a little crazy on nick-nacks for the INSIDE of our home, and didn't realize until they were all hung and these two gems were the only things left for our front steps. DANG!

Stupid wreath.
The front steps defeat me again. I promise next weekend when we go pumpkin picking with our Youth Group kids I will bring home an impressive collection of gourds.

I already have this project in mind for one pumpkin in particular. Since we won't be home for the early trick-or-treaters I think a pumpkin covered in lollipops would be so much fun! And I think it will encourage the kids to only take ONE, rather than having "the bowl" that just invites them to take a handful.

So our front steps still look sad. I'm going to just stick with the story that...this has been my plan all along. Right? A slow design is a successful design....Yeah. We'll go with that.

Thankfully, Princess is ready for the holiday.

Princess in her witch costume.
Fully equipped with hair. 
You have no idea how long I laughed out loud in the store when I saw this costume had hair...and it was for a dog. Why yes, that is worth the $2.49. Don't let this passive stare fool you, P loves playing dress up. Loves it.

Happy Haunting!


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