Monday, November 19, 2012

What's In Your Closet?


I am ashamed to admit my pregnant brain was too excited to remove every article from our previous closet design and I did not take a "before" photo... so before I start, I'll just say...#BloggerFail

Now that that's out of the way.... MY HUSBAND REFINISHED OUR CLOSET THIS WEEKEND! Can you hear my squeals of delight!? Because they are real.


Our new closet!!!
Being the ClipArt champion he is, my husband proofed the design by me using this lovely sketch:

Closet sketch
I have to admit, the execution was spot on to the drawing! It may be difficult to see in the photo because of the closet doors, but there are two sections - one on either side of the closet - for longer items. This is where he hung my dresses and his suits/tuxedos.

The center section is at the perfect height for shirts and slacks to hang on two rows without crowding and scrunching one another, which is what the last design was. Two terribly spaced rows that weren't useful if you were taller than 4' and had clothes to fit you. (We believe the previous homeowner was very petite)

This knocks off another item on the list for refinishing our master bedroom.

While he finished the closet I was busy meal planning, prepping breakfasts and lunches for the week and researching items for our baby registry. This whole having my energy back thing is AWESOME! Thank you, second trimester.

Hubs and I love to take part in Black Friday, even though every year we agree, "That was pointless." because we never find anything worth our while and buy things we don't need. Well, last night we brainstormed and realized if everything in the world (except Apple products) is on sale this Friday...that means mattresses are probably on sale too.

Needless to say, I just signed up for email alerts for the mattress store of our choice and will be there at 1am if I need to – KING SIZED MATTRESS HERE WE COME!! Especially since our new bedding will be here any day!

Oh, did I show that to you? Welcome to our new color scheme:

Soon enough, we'll have a whole master bedroom to show you :)

I hope everyone enjoys their (hopefully) short week at work and has a magnificent Thanksgiving!!


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