Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Recap


Hubs and I had an absolutely wonderful Christmas, but I couldn't wait to tell you about the little boy we are expecting so I had to put the Christmas post on hold :) I know you understand.

I am still completely shocked that my dream was right – we're really having a boy! I already call him by his name (Billy, after his Daddy) and feel like I am overflowing with love for my little man. I couldn't be more excited.

Christmas Eve we spend with my parents and I love to just have appetizers to snack on all night long. They put out an enormous and delicious feast of appetizers for only 5 of us this year, but we did our part in consuming plenty. It was a wonderful evening, even though all three of my brothers couldn't be there.

I love to give themed gifts and this year the whole family got on the train with me and gave Bill "The Garage" - between myself, my parents, his brother and his parents Bill got an air compressor, a work bench, a tool chest, a propane heater and a shop vac. Very blessed, indeed!! He was surprised and is very excited to start tinkering with his new toys.

I admit, I asked for the shop vac for my own use because I hate having to lug our vacuum downstairs to the "Hobby Room" to clean up flyaway threads or glitter explosions. It WILL be stored in the garage though for Bill to use at his leisure. I swear! 

My Christmas was packed with amazing gifts as well...I really made out this Christmas!! Talk about a lucky lady!

In addition to our garage goodies, my parents gave us a maternity session with Jenelle Kappe Photography who is not only basically a sister to me, she takes breathtaking photos!!! I am elated to be on her roster for 2013!!  I mean, seriously?! She is a monster. See?

Bill's parents spoiled me with a new comforter for our bed, because (embarrassingly) we've been sleeping on a king bed with a queen comforter. Fact.

They also snuck a few gender neutral baby goodies into the mix since we didn't know if we were having a Billy or a Libby yet, and they are perfect additions to our little man's wardrobe.

How hilariously cute is this fermata onesie!? "hold me" – cracks me up!! 
Hubs never disappoints in the gift department and this year was no exception. The perfect partner, he had my two top gifts waiting under the tree for me Christmas morning....though he needed to test one of the two out before I got a chance... 

Two thumbs up for the enormous maternity pillow!
GASP! AN OLYMPUS PEN!!!! I can't wait to step up my blogging game with this bad boy, not to mention document every second of little Billy's life! 

I feel very blessed (and spoiled!) for the wonderful gifts Bill and I received this Christmas, but more than anything I am thankful the little man growing inside me is a picture of health. Developing as perfectly as a little man could - with very obvious BOY parts he was not shy about showing off to the camera!! That's our Billy :) He also knows he is already #1


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