Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Craft Show Prep / Hot Dog or Bun?


I am scurrying about in my mind trying to prepare for the craft show December 15th at Fremd High School.

My stomach just dropped as I checked my registration and learned I do, indeed, have a booth. The last week I've been planning the space based on just having a table instead... Well CRAP. How the heck will I fill up an entire booth?

It's time to get crafty with my display!

...I also need to provide my own table and chair. Hmmm. Wonder how I can pull this entire display off in 10 days?

It's not like I haven't known this day was coming, since I registered for the event in June....I just seem to work really well under pressure, so I've waited until 10 days before to start 3 out of 4 of the ornaments I plan on making, have zero refinished furniture complete (and probably won't this time around), and only a handful of other goodies.

iPad Cases!

They are excellent goodies, I promise....but when I signed up for this craft show I wasn't pregnant yet. I was only thinking of being pregnant at the time, and thinking of being pregnant isn't the same as actually being pregnant.

From the moment that stick had two blue lines, I decided "me time" is more important than craft time. This has been a lesson since now I need to power house to get everything done in time....and whip a display out of thin air! YIPES!

That said, I still wouldn't change anything. This show is just for my own crafting experience. I want to bring my crafts and gauge the reactions from the public to see if I can really take a crack at doing this more frequently for a profit or if my goodies would be successful in an online arena like Etsy.

This month is full of dates to look forward to. Dec 15th is the show, Dec 23 we see the Rockettes, Dec 25 (duh) is Christmas and.....

December 27th we find out if Baby has a hot dog or a bun at our 20 week ultrasound!!!! We only get one shot at it, so I hope Baby cooperates!

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