Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Craft Show Relief Already


Today I had to leave work early because the cold I thought I conquered last week resurfaced in another form. Last week: sore throat and groggy head. This week: Constant sneezing and faucet-nosed. Joy. 

Based on how easy this pregnancy has been so far, I can't really complain. Baby REALLY hates when I sneeze though, today I thought he/she was learning to dub step in my uterus. Every single sneeze: Thump. Thump thump. Flutter flutter flutter. Must have been some kind of dance party!

However, there is a silver lining in today. I realized after I published my post this morning that I could simply email the craft show supervisor to ask for a refund on my booth and purchase a table space instead. It doesn't hurt to ask, right? Just posing the question has already been a relief.

As my nose cleared tonight I found some stamina to work on ornaments for the show.

Here is a little preview of the ornaments I'll have for sale December 15th.

Melted Snowmen!
So many snowmen!
Everyone needs a little 'stache on their tree!
I'm feeling better about the show already. I can't wait for my next shipment of supplies to get here so I can get crafting!


  1. OMG I love the mustache ornament! Save me when for when we do out chipotle dinner date?! I still over you for the kindle case to! LOL

  2. Love the mustache ornament... glitter and mustache what a perfect combinatins;)