Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nursery Name Wall Art


I've been stalking Etsy and Pinterest for some great ideas on how to add some pop of color in the nursery. My goal was to get inspired and create something I loved to hang over Billy's crib, which we ordered yesterday!!

Once we knew gender, we knew his name would be Billy and my idea of something eclectic/abstract on the wall turned into a bright and friendly piece with his name on it.

When people have asked what the theme for the nursery is, I don't really have an answer, so I've decided the theme is just "Happiness". I have been collecting pieces that make me happy, and will bring Billy happiness too, then decorating the room with them. I can't wait to show you the final result when we have it all put together in a few months!

Finding the perfect letters at Hobby Lobby, along with some paint and some scrap wood/fabric I had already I started my project.

I have to say, I am completely in love with the result! If you would like one for your nursery, you can order one on my Etsy shop!

Of course, Princess is completely terrified of my new camera (sneak peak at another nursery project right there!) so every time I point it at her, she darts away. She was so cute sitting with me while I crafted these pieces and the minute I'd point the camera at her.... "NO WAY MOM!" Soon enough I'll have a cute pic of her...

What is your nursery theme? Is it a feeling, a place, a genre? 

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  1. Um yes please! This is so cute and I am may have to order one. Love your colors!