Monday, December 10, 2012

Ornaments and Bad Sweaters


This weekend I knocked ornament making out of the park! I didn't photograph one of the ornaments I made, so there will be an element of surprise for the show, but I DID document one of the little gems I made Saturday morning...Christmas Lists!

I've made them in the past, in a miniature version for my friends and family and every year when I hang it on my tree I smile so I thought it would be a fun ornament to make for the show.

I started with a box of 50 naked spools...and then created tiny Christmas Lists out of them :) Messy, but very fun! Hubs helped and did a fabulous job!


LOTS of greeen...
 Don't worry, Princess didn't inconvenience herself at all for my projects this weekend....

 Seriously, I told you this one was messy...

Sam felt neglected, so he thought climbing on my chair while I worked would be a good little helper.

Hemingway stood watch on his stoop to make sure Princess was REALLY sleeping before he jumped down to patrol the house...

Ta-DA! The final product! Tiny little Christmas Lists.

...All 50 of them!

We also had the first "Bad Sweater" party of the season - which we found sweaters for at a local thrift shop. I have to say, that jacket I rocked didn't go over as "badly" as I'd hoped...a few people at the party actually said it was cute!

I, however, laughed so hard I cried at how 'BAD' it was.

I didn't keep ornament making all to myself this weekend, Hubs and I shared the fun with our Youth Group kids - they all got two ornaments to paint :) I'll admit it the experience of doing this craft with 9 12-18 year olds was excellent parenting practice for both of us.

What is your favorite Christmas festivity? Do you love making ornaments, going to parties, baking cookies? We are hosting the Youth Group kids at our house next weekend, so I think it's time I got my bake on!

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  1. My mom makes tons of different kinds of cookies every year for Christmas. It's always been kind of an accidental tradition that I help along with my siblings. We especially love decorating the sugar cookies! Sad I'll be missing it this year :(