Thursday, January 17, 2013

23 Weeks Down


I'm a fantastic 23 weeks pregnant today!

Billy is getting quite large! And since you can't see my cute new shoes in those two photos.... here they are:

I decided bending over to pull on booties with heels and wearing heels in general is now for the birds....and so is tying shoes. Who does that?! I don't anymore!!! My back hurts plenty on it's own, I don't need the ammunition by trying to defy gravity to make it throb even more.

In other news, last night I made an AWESOME recipe from Pinterest, Chicken & Broccoli Pie. I can't wait to have the leftovers for lunch today! I modified the recipe to use raw chicken instead of cooked, and baked it for 70 minutes at 400ยบ.

Also, our bedroom reveal continues to be on hold because this strange thing keeps happening in the corner (colors are totally wrong in this photo but you get the idea of what's happening):

This photo is after that corner received 3 coats of paint. After it dried, it would miraculously become white again in random spots, just along the corner of the wall. This also happens to be the corner of two outside walls...coincidence? A painter friend of ours recommended trying an oil-based primer then reapplying the paint, so we're going to try that next.

Has anyone else experienced strange paint reactions on their walls? 

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  1. I hate that every time it happens to me before. That is why I decided to just use wallpapers into our walls and that works for me because it's more convenient and I also get to choose the design I want. -Cadence