Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back To Reality


I am back to reality (work!) today and I have to say, the adjustment wasn't as tricky as I thought it would be.

I forced myself to stay awake yesterday without a nap (miracle!) and fell asleep at 10pm on the nose, so the 6:30 wake up wasn't too hard on me.

Part of being back to reality started yesterday when Hubs and I did the final house sweep to take down Christmas and stow it away for another year.

Every year when I clean up from the (live) Christmas tree I think, "This is the last year I am doing this" because the little pine needles are everywhere for MONTHS. They just keep appearing!

In our new home, we have ivory carpeting everywhere, so every time I find a pesky little needle I whip out the Dyson and attack with a vengeance.

It's bittersweet having the holidays come to a close but I have to say this has been the nicest holiday season I can remember because Bill and I spent it exactly the way we wanted to: together, on our own terms.

A few years ago our holidays were together, but somewhat stressed because he was out of work, and last year we were newlyweds trying to accomplish too many things in too little time to prep our condo for the market.

This year was just right. Lots of time together, in our home, with our dog. We made memories this year we will never forget, the biggest being that we learned a little BOY is joining us in May.

With a New Year I usually have new goals and new expectations, but I think I've finally found the balance of happy, healthy and overall great. I feel wonderful (albeit more enormous every day...) physically and mentally, so my goal for the year is to continue on this path. I want to continue to be happy and healthy and bring a happy, healthy little boy into the world!

Of course, being a homeowner my job decorating has only just begun. This year we plan to (seriously) redesign our master bedroom and when that project is finished, I think I'd like to paint our kitchen.

I LOVE our kitchen – it's the first part of our house that felt like "home" to me. I love spending time baking and cooking in there and I feel like even though the layout and counter space isn't ideal for the type of cooking we do, it's amazing for now and the last little push it needs for the next few years is a fresh, fun coat of paint. I'm thinking a light, airy french blue like the photo above, what do you think? 

This is our current kitchen:

What projects do you have in mind for the New Year?


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