Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Daddy Pride


Naturally, my husband is elated that we are having a son. Getting that Cubs outfit yesterday was the first of many "Proud Dad" moments. He immediately started planning trips to the ball park and fantasizing about the memories he would make with our little Billy.

I cut the daydreams short when I reminded him that Billy will be nursed, so being away from me for that many hours this summer may not be the best idea...which queued a few other questions and helped me realize, I already need to loosen the reins and let my husband pencil in some Daddy/Billy alone time.

Yesterday our crib arrived. Yes. THE CRIB. *insert squeals of excitement*

I was on my way to water aerobics and Bill had band practice, so we weren't able to bring it into the house to assemble it. It is gracefully parked inside the garage and every time I walk out there I shriek with delight.

My nesting instincts haven't completely kicked in, I just naturally have an overachiever attitude. After my class it took every ounce of my mental strength to let the overachiever in me stay put in her glider, watching Revenge.

I desperately wanted to use super-human pregnant strength to somehow drag the enormous box of crib into the house, up the stairs and into Billy's room....immediately followed by assembly, of course.

While I debated in with myself if it was worth the back pain in the morning, I realized this is one thing "Daddy" can do, and will take enormous amounts of pride in.

I'm training my inner overachiever to relax and let Daddy step in, because it's not just my baby. It's our baby, and Daddy wants a part in this process too. After all, I am letting my body go through heck to cook this kid, the least I can do is let my husband do some manual labor and twirl a screwdriver.

Oh, and start bottle feeding early enough that Billy can enjoy a Cubs game with his Daddy this summer.

Meanwhile, I love finding ways we can BOTH enjoy Billy....practical or not. I got a great laugh from this photo:

Have you struggled loosening the reins on Daddy to let him enjoy the kids on his own or assemble projects?

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  1. Great realization to have early, will make things easier on both of you. BTW - I breast fed and you can pump and freeze/refridgerate. At about 2 weeks, when the boys had the feeding thing down, I started pumping for the last feeding of the night. While I sat and pumped, Dave was next to me feeding what'd I'd previously pumped to them out of the bottle. (While breast feeding enthusiasts say you shouldn't introduce the bottle this early, it worked for all three of mine.) An added benefit was he appreciated the closeness of feeding time which 90% of the time he watched me enjoy. And....Daddy can bring it with to the field in an insulated lunch bag. Everyone is happy! Keep up the great articles and blogging...enjoying the journey with you. :)