Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Obsessions


My best friends know me well, and will laugh when I write this: I am constantly obsessed with something. It can be anything: french bulldogs, wallpaper, chai lattes. Whatever happens to catch my eye for that period of time, I can't handle putting the thought out of my mind.

That said, my current obsessions are worth sharing, because I feel like we've created a bond here on Sparkles and Crafts. I like thinking of my readers as best friends I've (possibly) never met. Here goes. Try not to laugh. (kidding, you can laugh. I did while I wrote this.)

1. Billy: Don't really need an explanation for this one, because my unborn son consumes almost every thought in my brain and is somehow linked to every word I say. However, now that it is public knowledge there is a baby boy inside of me, Amazon likes to tease me with emails of baby boy things. So does Carter's. And Gymboree. And Oshkosh B'gosh. So thank you, retail world for fueling this obsession. I spend a lot of time (embarrassing amounts of time...) staring at the clothing my son may someday wear.
Footie pajamas! 
Tiny man clothes. 
2. Our kitchen: We've lived in our home since July and I haven't had the urge to decorate a single room except the nursery until recently, and that was the master bedroom. Now that we have a big, comfy bed with new bedding, the wall color is still lost to me so I haven't rushed it... This week I got bitten by the design bug and I can't stop thinking about how great our kitchen would be if we repainted it. Last night, Hubs agreed a tile backsplash would be a fun addition as well, just along one wall. Queue obsession.

I wanted a blue kitchen until I saw our cabinets in a green kitchen.  So beautiful!!!
Dream backsplash! 
Probably more what we'll aim our backsplash to look like.
3. Mini vans: I can't even make this stuff up. Never in my life have I wanted a mini van, and to be honest I have such an infatuation with my car I never thought I would lust after another car again. However, I keep finding myself staring at shiny mini vans as they drive past me on the highway (because my car is only slightly more powerful than a golf cart and I like it that way, thank you!).

I am nowhere near being in the market for a new vehicle, and I don't plan on scooping one up for another 5 years AT LEAST (ideally) but sometimes, I just have to stare at the shiny new vans. And watch the DVDs that are playing in the backseat while I putter behind them.

The fact that Hubs and I had to put our brains together to figure out how the stroller we picked out will fit into my tiny trunk was also a bit of an indicator of, "Maybe eventually I'll need a larger vehicle...that can fit more than myself and an infant." Needless to say, I won't be making any Costco trips with Billy in tow. Where would I put the 50 lb bag of dog food? Not in the back seat or the trunk if there's a baby and a stroller in there! Nana! We need to you babysit once a week so Mommy can go to Costco! 

Ooooh. Shiny.

What are your current obsessions? 


  1. Speaking of mini vans... have you seen this?

  2. Would be good to include the link... duh.