Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Love And Some Verses


Valentine's Day is right around the corner and while I've been pinning and "Liking" ideas for weeks, I haven't planned on actually making anything crafty for the holiday this year. 

Typically, Hubs and I make home made pasta and stay in on Vday. I love to keep things low key as often as possible, so that is my perfect date night. We make a beautiful dinner together and spend the evening catching up on DVR/Netflix. I know, I'm such a romantic!

Since I'm planning on doing the same low-key thing this year, and not planning on creating anything exceptional to celebrate the holiday, I will share the ideas I've found around the Blogosphere. In my head, I've completed all of these items and our home is brimming with heart-shaped decorations. Also, in my head, I am wearing cute Vday maternity shirts every day to show my appreciation for Cupid.

My head is a very wonderful place to me, I'm telling you. Let's take a trip there, shall we?

Valentine's Day Packaging via Ode to Inspiration
Gorgeous tablescapes via Blue Cricket Design
Vday Subway Art via eighteen25
Maternity Graphic Tees via Babble
French Style (what I imagine myself to look like post-baby) via la vie petite
See? My head is an awesome place to be, I told you! I'm super stylish and amazingly thin post-pregnancy, and my home is filled with the sweetest DIY projects for every holiday.

In reality, my style becomes more and more questionable every day as I search for things that fit in a rush to get to the gym, and my DIY projects for our home end in me saying, "(bad word here) it." while look like a small child created them.

Do you decorate for Valentine's Day? 


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