Friday, January 11, 2013

Lucky Friday


Because the Christmas holiday spending just ended, and Bill's birthday is in a few short weeks, my personal spending is on complete hold.

Yesterday during my daily scan on Zulily I found the CUTEST pocket diapers and had to order one. It was such a great deal and I had a $10 credit for the website, so I knew I just needed to order this diaper.

 Once I talked to a few girlfriends about the adorable diaper I found and ordered, I started feeling guilty because I know my personal spending is on hold. They also joked with me that if I don't stop buying things for Billy, the shower guests won't have much to choose from.

My guilt finally took over and I emailed Zulily to cancel my order. Their customer service was phenomenal and put a stop on my order immediately. They also refunded my account for the $10 credit – all within 5 minutes of my request to cancel the order. Holy moly! That is customer service!! 

This morning while checking my email, I read that I now have a $30 credit on the site, because someone I invited ordered something – BOO YA! While I opened the website out of curiosity 'just to see' what they had on clearance today... I saw one of my FAVORITE maternity brands were featured: PinkBlush.

When I became pregnant I ordered a PinkBlush tee from Zulily and I have almost worn it out already, I love it so much. Naturally, I HAD to apply my $30 credit towards the featured top of the day! The moment I saw it I said "Yes, I need that."

Isn't it adorable!? Nautical flaire is as chic as can be, so I'm thrilled that this little gem will be on its way to me and I had to pay a mere $3.94 total for it. Thank you, Zulily!! And, thank you mystery shopper who allowed me to earn this $20! What a lucky Friday!!

I'm so thrilled! I could use a few more maternity tops since I have already begun outgrowing some of my favorites. Plus, this purchase wasn't for Billy so don't worry girls, the registries are safe :)

If you're wondering, Billy's registries can be found on Amazon & Babies R Us. He will be cloth diapered, so check out all the FUN cloth diapers and covers I registered for on Amazon!


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