Thursday, February 28, 2013

Baby Shower Thank You Cards


My birthday this year was extra blessed, not only because I was surrounded by all my favorite people, but because I received many wonderful gifts.

In addition to my hot water tap and Birkenstock sandals, I received a Cricut cutter with accessories!!

I decided my first project would be creating thank you cards for Billy's baby showers.

I ordered the Cricut Sampler Cartridge to get myself started, since I am not familiar with the Cricut and not sure how I will utilize it other than I'll be using it to make cards.

Once I had my workspace set up, I read a few pages in the manual to my Cricut and sampled a few different styles of "THANKS" before deciding on one.
I wanted to add a little depth to the white cardstock, so I ended up embellishing with some chalk ink I had that corresponded with the cards.

Taking out all of my cardmaking supplies, I started picking and choosing which "spoke" to me most for this particular project. From there, I made piles of items I thought would look best together and began creating.

Once I had my first prototype done I created an assembly line for myself to create the rest.
I cut out all of the "THANKS" with my Cricut cutter, measured and cut glitter tape and bakers twine and prepared my stamp supplies for the "final touch" on the back of each card (which will remain a surprise for those receiving these cards).
The end result is something I am very proud of! Using the Cricut is a lot of fun and I think I can beef my card making even more the longer I use and get the hang of it!
The most tedious part of the process was removing every cut item from the cutting mats, which I knew was a challenge. My mom and I used her Cricut to embellish the shower invites (those are still a secret) so I was familiar with the basics of Cricut before being thrown to the wolves with my own.

I love to create cards that are similar, but unique. This way I can utilize an effective assembly line method to put them together, but still get creative and have some fun with the variety of colors and textures I incorporate to every card.

It felt great to spend an evening just playing in my hobby room and letting my creativity run wild. I turned on Pandora's "Coldplay Radio" and got lost in my own thoughts. Talk about a wonderful way to spend a winter night!

What's your favorite way to express your creative side? 


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