Thursday, February 21, 2013

Birthday Wishes


Tomorrow I turn 25! YIKES! I can't believe I will be a quarter of a century old.

My birthday wishes this year are very simple and practical; similar to many things in my life right now. I've eliminated the excess and streamlined down to what works and what's important. What took me twenty five years?!

Built-in Hot Water Tap: Every morning Hubs and I start the day with hot tea and having a built-in hot water tap would save me 10 minutes of gas on the stove plus the time involved in filling/cleaning the kettle! We are slowly updating our kitchen to all satin nickel hardware also, so this would be a lovely start to that project.

Birkenstocks: I know how "hippie" these sandals look, but I promise you they are the most wonderful and comfortable sandals in the history of the universe. Gone are the days where I can walk around for hours wearing Old Navy $1 flip flops! I am not ashamed, especially knowing I will have a baby Billy strapped to my chest all summer long, I would love to rock the summer in fashionable new sandals!
This color is divine!

I like this funky/fun style

These are my all-time favorites. I had them years ago and I miss them so!!
That's it! Just sandals and hot water tap. How simple and boring am I?!

I am celebrating my birthday all weekend long – I will be making myself pancakes, and putting sprinkles in the batter. Happy 25th to me :)


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