Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sewing Project: Wet Bag


Last weekend I experimented with a new project from a tutorial I found on Pinterest.

I want to make lots and lots of fun things for Billy, but I don't want to make anything we don't need or won't use, so this wet bag tutorial was perfect! Since we will be cloth diapering Billy, I know I will need at least one wet bag for the diaper bag to store his stinky dirties while we are on the go!

The tutorial (found here) was well written and easy for me to follow, but I did stress while I stitched this project.

I'm not a very advanced sewer, and usually create my own patterns as I go. This was one of my first times following a pattern without the guidance of my mom and was my first time sewing a zipper!

The whole project from cutting fabric to final stitch took under two hours, probably closer to 90 minutes. When I make another, I am guessing it will take me closer to an hour because I won't be stopping to read the manual on my sewing machine on how to use the zipper foot.

The good news is even with 90 minutes of terror and panic, the end result is nearly flawless, and I SURVIVED sewing my first zipper! HOORAY!!! I even learned some new tricks on my sewing machine along the way, so it was an extremely successful project!

Here is the original from the tutorial (note her awesome photography skills)
And here is mine! (sorry, really lame and dark photography...I'm still learning my new camera and not at all displaying my overpriced art school degree!)

Rawr! How cute are those little dinos!? I stalked that PUL at Hobby Lobby for weeks until I could make it there with a 40% off coupon and nothing else on my list!

I bought 1/2 yard of the dinos because they were so cute, so I'm hoping I can make a few more wet bags for my diaper bag and some to have as gifts.

My next project is sewing a crib skirt. I wanted to sew it out of the lovely green print I used on this wet bag, but my supply was a few inches short so I'll have to buy more...and I may change my mind and buy something new entirely with a coupon since I have to go to the fabric store anyway.

After the crib skirt, I will be sewing diaper covers from this tutorial and if I can handle that...I'm going to attempt to sew my first dipe. I've been watching the price of snap setters, but I want to try sewing a diaper first before I jump into that investment. I'm going to start by using one of these awesome free patterns.

With winter in Chicago glaring us straight in the eyes, I am happy to spend weekend afternoons in my cozy hobby room stitching sweet little numbers for my sweet little man.

13 weeks to go!

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  1. You are so inspiring! I want to do all of these things and i just put it all off. Maybe you'll give me that little motivation I need. I *did* make a crib skirt, though. Probably the easiest sewing project I've done so far. :) LOVE the wet bag. Great idea!