Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Spoiled Son


No one will be surprised when I say, our son is already very spoiled. This is how spoiled he is:

An overwhelmingly generous coworker gave us all of these clothes – hand-me-downs from his nephew who only wore many of these clothes once. None of them have any stains and from looking at everything, I would guess a few items were never worn at all.

See? Spoiled. 

My mom is joking that we're really salting her Grandma shopping game because I've posted on Facebook, "I think it's safe to say Billy will not need any more clothes." Sorry, Grandma!! I had nothing to do with this one other than agreeing to take "some boy clothes" off his hands.

In my opinion, if no one needs to buy Billy clothes it only leaves opportunity to buy him diapers :)

And, because I can't keep this little number a secret a second longer, I have to share the project I finished a few weeks ago for his room. Further proof of how spoiled our son is.

I hinted a few weeks ago that I was working on a fun project and the lantern mobile was it! A few dollars spent at Hobby Lobby and IKEA along with an hour or so of fussing and Billy's awesome mobile was complete. Isn't it fun?!

Oh, and Hubs hung Billy's awesome nursery wall art as well. The room is coming together beautifully and I am so proud of how it looks! I can't wait until Billy is here to enjoy it as well.


  1. What kind of paint or dye did you use for the paper lanterns? I thought I'd dye them but painting might be easier! I found a similar pin on pinterest and decided to do that for the whole corner above my soon to come son's crib! but want to keep some of the lanterns with their lights in them. Luckily there is an Ikea and Hobby Lobby near me and that's where I plan on getting my supplies but what the technique that worked for you?

    1. Amber - The lanterns came these colors.