Friday, March 8, 2013

Current Crushes


We made it to Friday!! HOORAY!!! Here are my current crushes of the week:

A friend of mine sent me this yesterday with the pretext of "This is totally a Jess quote". Couldn't agree more, x10!!
 Uhm, how tasty and delicious do THESE darling doughnuts look!? They have been pinned.
I LOVE reading Along Abbey Road - her son is absolutely ADORABLE with a capital A and she does great, simple DIY projects! I am crushing on these DIY Printed Leggings in a big way. Billy will be getting some!!
 As I mentioned yesterday, I spied a potential diaper storage solution in the IKEA online catalog. How cute would this look in Billy's nursery, especially since we have the matching stuffed Broccoli?! (and his friends, Carrot & Strawberry).
Wishing everyone a super weekend – spend some time RELAXING! I know I will :) 


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