Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Homemade Poptarts


A few months ago my mom learned she is allergic to wheat. Heartbreaking for her, because pretty much all things delicious are packed with wheat or wheat byproducts... but she feels a lot better now than she ever has because all along wheat is what was making her wheeze! So many years of using an inhaler 4+ times per day and now it's used a few times a WEEK! Unbelievable. GO MOM. 

With her new-found wheat allergy, she had to purge all things wheat from her house. Where do you think they went?? :) 

I now have a freezer full of pie crusts, puff pastry, cake mixes, cookie doughs, pastas and breads. JACKPOT since my favorite thing is to save money on groceries!! 

Since I'm steering Hubs and myself away from processed/prepared foods more and more, and I also have a serious addiction to sweets, making my OWN poptarts is a perfect breakfast solution for me. I can use up some pie crust and have an easy on-the-go breakfast to hold me over until I can prepare myself a real breakfast. 

The recipe couldn't be easier. I used one pie crust, an egg, some flour and strawberry jelly! 

First, flour the board so the crust doesn't stick.  
Make sure you flour the cookie cutter you're using too, so it doesn't get glued to the crust and make a mess while you're cutting. 
Add little dollops of your jelly on each cut shape.
Egg wash the edges & crimp them with a fork to seal in the jelly.
Then lay them out on your cookie sheet and egg wash the batch - as you can see I had just enough for 6 stars and one almost-empanada-shaped-but-I'm-tired-of-doing-this-now sized poptart from one pie crust.

Bake for about 15 min at 350ยบ and ta-da!!! You have adorable little home made poptarts. They are so sweet and tasty, I love them!! 
I opted not to frost mine at all; I'm trying to control my sugar intake and they are tasty enough on their own, they really don't need it!!

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