Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Started Seeds for Garden 2013


Last weekend we bought all of the seeds for our 2013 garden and Bill started them in their little starter seed homes! They are SO CUTE!!!

We mapped out where all of the seeds were planted to keep track of them and if everything grows I hope we have a very bountiful garden this year! The planter on the left is all veggies and the planter on the right is almost all herbs - with a few pea shoots in there too.

Even though these have only been planted a few days, I keep walking past the table hoping I will see a little sprout poking up out of the soil. Spring is such an exciting time! This is also helping me keep my mind off the fact that another person is permanently moving in with us in seven or so weeks. 

The other herbs and pea/pepper/tomato seeds we started with Youth Group a few weeks ago have sprouted and are growing like mad!
 Look at those little sprouts! The peas are going wild. That's almost 6" tall already!!
 My herbs: cilantro, parsley and thyme. I have no idea which is sprouting. I'm just excited to see green popping out of the soil.
 Resurrection Herb Garden! We had to remove the potato "Tomb" because it was molding/really stinky. Princess enjoyed gnawing on it in the sun all day Saturday, though.
 Cute little herbies!!!
Have you started your seeds for spring? 

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