Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Winner, Winner


I've emailed the winner for the Kindle Case Giveaway, so if your name starts with an "H" - check your email!!

Congrats to the winner and thanks to all for entering. Keep your eyes peeled for another super fun giveaway coming soon!!

I'm in the "can't sit, stand, walk or lay down comfortably" stage now and it's really a drag! The one thing keeping me going is knowing this is the home stretch....

That's some serious belly...
 All of the animals have started flocking to my belly every night, it's getting weird. Princess just longingly stares at me like she's asking, "HOW MUCH LONGER UNTIL I CAN MEET MY LITTLE BILLY?!"
And Sam is starting to do what I have been fearing....loving Billy a little too much. I have a (potentially irrational..?) fear that Sam will love Billy to death, and just smother him in his sleep. It's starting:
Sam says, "My baby."
 The chair has also reached it's final destination: the nursery. Things are starting to get serious around here!!
We even have our first stash of newborn dipes!!
I feel like things are starting to slow down now, and it's the calm before the storm.... 7ish more weeks.....

Have a wonderful Wednesday :) 


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