Thursday, April 25, 2013

Baby Boy Closet Organization


Remember when I told you how hardcore I'm nesting? This post is a definite "I told you so". I won't bore you with too many details, I'll just overwhelm you with photos of Billy's adorable closet. Before and after!

I really felt accomplished Saturday night to get all of these things to fit into his closet. It's SO TINY I thought, "Wow! Look at all the stuff I can cram in there!" Of course, once I stepped back and looked at it I thought, "How the heck will I ever find anything in there?!" Not to mention that rickety curbside find of a wire rack was collapsing more than holding anything.

Then I decided it's time to visit IKEA and find a better solution. Queue better solution: 

Yes, I cleared out a lot of those things that didn't need to be in there, like strollers and the car seat base, but everything else is still in there! Just beautifully organized in those sweet ANTONIOUS drawers. I bought two (stacked) and repurposed one we already owned which was housing Bill's (enormous) shoe collection. 

I spent $79 on the two ANTONIOUS organizers with drawers, plus utilized the one we already had and added a Command hook to hang my diaper bag on (far right - Vera Bradley "Lime's Up" Messenger). I also used baskets and containers we've acquired from the showers or over time for additional organization within the drawers or upper shelf of the closet.

The left drawers are all basic baby items like books, bibs, blankies, etc: 
.....and the right is ALL FLUFF!!! Ohhh it makes my heart go pitter patter to see those beautiful drawers full of fluff. 

Top is all newborn 'sposies for the first few days, along with my diaper caddy and wash cloths which will be used as wipes when we transition to cloth. 

Sposies and wash cloths are in dollar store baskets and my diaper caddy was $3.99 at Hobby Lobby, but I used a 40% off coupon to save some moo-lah.

Second drawer is all prefolds that will be burp cloths (about 20). Third drawer is full of size 2 OsoCozy Prefolds for Billy's bigger days and bottom drawer is all of our one size pocket diapers; which there are more on the way thanks to the Cotton Babies Seconds Sale.
Just because I love our fluff stash that much...I took photos of the newborn stash to share and oodle over: 
BumGenius, GroVia, Cocalo, Thirsties, Kawaii, OH MY!!
Bummis, gDiapers and a dollar store bucket for Snappis.
OsoCozy Unbleached Prefolds - Size 1
Can't have prefolds without Snappis!! Love that bucket.
There you have it! A fabulously organized closet full of fun and fluff for under a hundred bucks.

Now we sit back and patiently (yeah right!!) await Billy's arrival. I'm full-term (37 weeks) today, so I'm ready when he's ready!! I am praying for a healthy baby and an easy labor/delivery. Whenever that's meant to happen, I'm ready for it.


  1. I need organization in Dakota's closet, once Billy I'd born....road trip?! But seriously, looks great! I will be thinking about you non stop the next few weeks!

    1. Fat fingers strikes again. Is not I'd (obvi)

    2. Thanks Katie!! I went for my 37 week appt this morning and everything is as calm as can be! My BP is normal, his heart rate is normal....Not a whole lot going on, which is a blessing!! Letting him cook as long as he needs :)

      And YES - Road trip!! You are always welcome to visit!!!

  2. it looks so organized! I wihs I could hire you to do my closet!

    The Preppy Student

    1. Hehe thanks!! It just took one morning at IKEA thinking of options!!

  3. Love it. Makes me want to go organize my closet. Heh.

    1. I admit, I come home and visit the closet often, because it makes me so happy.

  4. I really wish we had an ikea near us. I hate ordering online. I like to see it in person. Looks really nice though. I'm trying to figure out how to store our cloth diapers too.

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