Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fresh, New Kitchen


It's DONE!!! I have to give "mad props" to Hubs for putting the pedal to the metal and getting our kitchen COMPLETELY PAINTED in three days. He was astoundingly fast!!!!!

Saturday morning he woke up "thinking" he would paint the kitchen and knowing how the bedroom painting went (as in: took 6 weeks instead of 6 days) I was a little apprehensive that he should take on a project this big 6 weeks before Billy's due.

Thankfully, the whole project went off without a hitch and now we have a beautiful "Corn Husk Green" (by Behr) kitchen!! Here are some photos before:

The color!: 

Annnddddd drumroll....Our new, GREEN kitchen: 

I am totally in love with how it turned out. Hubs did a phenomenal job. It's so bright it's like a brand new room!!

I love how the green works so beautifully with our yellow and orange kitchen items and artwork. It is like a springy, citrusy wonderland.

Eventually, we hope to incorporate a tile backsplash on the wall behind the sink for an extra "pop" of color and texture, but it's not on the radar right now. (Having a baby is).

Looking at the photos now, I see areas where we could seriously use some organization and tidying up...but I'm just so happy with the color I'm going to bask in it's glory and turn a blind eye to the piles of disorganization in every corner. 

Then as if this week couldn't get any better, yesterday I found a grill on Craigslist!!

I love buying used things and receiving hand-me-downs because I know that is one less item going to a landfill before it's "time" is up. Plus, used items are more affordable and hand-me-downs are typically free!

Once I did my research on which Weber model would work best for us, I priced a few online and learned there would not be a shiny, NEW Weber in our future (this year at least).

I ended up finding a 5 year old Weber Genesis on Craigslist for $220 and negotiated down to $190. It was only 15 minutes away from work for me, so I went straight over once the offer was accepted, cash in my hot little hand. The man and his son were so nice and helpful, they even disassembled the grill to fit into my car! Can't beat that service!!

Hubs was so excited about the new grill he stopped on the way home and picked up steaks for us :) We ate like kings and I will probably stop on my way home tonight to pick up some fresh veggies to go with the chicken I have planned. Meal plan, shmeal plan. WE GOT A GRILL!!!! 

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  1. 1) LOVE that color in your kitchen! SO much brighter and happier. I cant wait to see what fun back splash you throw in there :)

    2) Way to go with the WEBER! They are the best grills. My dad told me to get one for Owen bc he has had his for almost 20 years and its still going strong.