Thursday, April 4, 2013

Jalapeño Mustard Dipping Sauce


Since we got the new grill this week, I know we will be grilling a lot. Last night we enjoyed asparagus and chicken skewers (and whole wheat pasta, but it's not grilled so it didn't get any photo glory)

I only defrost one chicken breast for the two of us, and yesterday I didn't have time to toss it in a marinade before work so it could soak all day, so I had to do a little research for a new dipping sauce.

I always keep buffalo sauce on hand but I didn't feel like that yesterday. I wanted something zingy and light.

After a little digging on Pinterest, I discovered several recipes for jalapeño mustard dipping sauce, but they all included jalapeño jelly, which I did not have on hand (and I'd never heard of it until now).

I decided to make my own dipping sauce out of what we had around based on the research I'd done. I had a pretty good idea of what ingredients would work together, and while Hubs was skeptical I decided to go for it and create my own jalapeño mustard dipping sauce for our chicken skewers.

The sauce was zingy and delicious! Little kick of heat without burning. Here's the recipe (measurements are approximate - adjust to your tastes!)

Jalapeño Mustard Dipping Sauce
2.5 T pickled jalapeños
1 T whole grain mustard
3/4 C mayonaise
juice from 1/2 lemon

Pulse jalapeños in a food processor until minced or finely mince by hand (I hate getting peppers in my eye - happens every time I chop them - so I opted to process mine). Add mustard, mayo and lemon juice and pulse (or stir) until combined.
(I ended up doubling the jalapeños you see here to end with about 2.5 T)
It comes out looking delicious like this:


And just because I was practicing my photography a little last night...I had to take a few random shots around our kitchen, like the compost bowl and our lovely little sprouts:
Compost bowl! Exciting, I know. Lemons, tea, palms and eggshells. Mmm.
Pretty sure this is cilantro & thyme
Today I am 34 weeks pregnant, so I thought I'd share a photo of that too, since I'm in such a sharing mood!!
34 Weeks Pregnant
There is our little guy!! Getting bigger (and stronger) every day! 6 short weeks from today he is due. I've started going into nesting mode...I can't help but organize every cabinet and closet I open. Remember yesterday when I mentioned needing to organize our kitchen? Yeah, that started last night...and then again this morning....I just can't help myself and thankfully Hubs caught on that it's nesting so he just laughs and goes with it. God Bless that wonderful man. 

Wishing everyone a beautiful Thursday!! 


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