Monday, April 29, 2013

Must-Know Monday: Free Stuff (Round 2)


With all the positive feedback I received from the Freecycle Must-Know Monday, Hubs thought another "Freebie" post would be good, and I agree!!

I've hit a string of awesome luck lately on Craigslist, Facebook and through blogs. There are so many ways to save money and get things for free, I had no idea!! Now that I am participating in them I just keep finding more opportunities to save/win and I feel like you should all hear about them so you can get free/discounted things too!

While it wasn't free, I did score pretty huge on Craigslist when I found this Graco Giraffe Swing for $45. The seller said his son sat in it a few times and hated it, so he was willing to unload it very affordably.

Not only is it basically brand-spanking new, it makes like a thousand (okay, 30 something) sounds AND has an iPod dock! Thank you, Joe from Craigslist. You made this mama so happy...and hopefully Billy too!
Another great string of luck happened on Facebook just in the last week. Pick Your Plum is one of my favorite discount craft retailers, and sometimes they have apparel or accessories at such awesome prices you just have to snap them up.

Last week on their Facebook page they posted a simple question along the lines of "What's your favorite Plum you've picked?" (something like that) and I commented that I bought an awesome maxi skirt once - had I known how fantastic it was going to be I would have ordered one in every color because it's one of the few bottoms I have left that fit me in these final weeks of pregnancy.
(this skirt)
Friday evening I checked the mail and found a big, puffy package in the mailbox from PYP. In it was a maxi skirt, in my size, with a hand written note that said they loved my story and had one last maxi left!!! UNEXPECTED FREE SKIRT JUST FOR COMMENTING!?! Best. Customer. Service. Ever.

There were no directions that stated they were giving anything away, I just participated in the conversation and they rewarded me in a huge way. Now I have something else to wear while I waddle around these last few weeks!!!! I couldn't be happier.

The blog community also loves its giveaways, so I try to participate in them frequently in hopes of winning...and I've won TWO in the last few weeks!

First, I entered a giveaway over at Michaela Noelle Designs for a super cute gold ring and won it, in perfect time!
My wedding rings no longer fit (*tear*) but this adorable little gem is currently living on my left ring finger instead! How adorable!!

Another blog I love is Zephyr Hill Blog and just for commenting one Tuesday I won a $5 Starbucks card. Thanks, Anne!! What a fun reward!
Mmmmm. Caramel Frapp. #weakness
So, as you can see there are tons of opportunities to win things if you simply enter, or jump into a conversation!

If you have an item you need but can't afford to pay full price, check Freecycle, resale shops and Craigslist before counting your pennies and buying new. You never know when you'll find the next big bargain or if you'll be chosen to win a very awesome prize!!

Have you won any giveaways, saved big or experienced awesome customer rewards lately? 


  1. Great post, I had no idea! Congrats on all of your winnings!

  2. Hooray!!! The ring really was just in time :) xoxo