Friday, April 12, 2013

My Crushes This Week


This week completely escaped me. One minute it was Tuesday and now it's Friday. What?! Sorry for the lack of posts!

To be honest, you can probably expect this level of delinquency on my behalf for the next few weeks/months. Billy is 4ish weeks away, so let's get real. Mama is tired now and it's only going to get better.

I've been nesting a lot by way of Pinterest lately, so please enjoy what I am obsessing about right now:

Since I'm working on building a list of healthy mama snacks, this pin really caught my eye this week! Oatmeal Peach Muffins! Yum. 
For whatever reason I've become obsessed with the idea of renovating our bathroom downstairs (you know, the one that no one ever uses and simply houses the cat box? yeah. This is practical for me to consider doing right now) so I created a Pinterest board entirely for my inspiration!! Here are a few of my favorite ideas for the space...

I love repurposing!!!!! And, I need a vanity down there that has an open bottom so I can stow the cat box under it. How precious is this one?
If we don't go with a vanity I'd like to go with a floating sink (you know, some time in the next 10 years when we actually accomplish this project I'm obsessing about) like this one:
I would love to go with a classy blue/green for the wall color in this bathroom. It has no windows so I want the walls to be fresh and breathe some love into that room!
My bathroom obsession started spilling over into our master/upstairs bath as well... so these ideas had to be pinned in THEIR own board for my upstairs bath:
I'm visual, but it helps me imagine a space so much better when I see an image of a room with the same layout as what we already have! Bathrooms are too expensive to gut and renovate, so we will leave everything in their places and update affordably, using paint, fixtures and fabrics!
We are celebrating Billy again this weekend with a beautiful shower at my mom's! I can't wait to see girlfriends and oogle over tiny baby clothes and diapers!!

Wishing everyone a safe and wonderful weekend!! 


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