Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nursery Tour


I've been waiting until the nursery is "done" to give you all a tour, but I'm realizing some things are just never "done" so this is what you're getting, and you'll just have to work with me.

There are a few final details and light fixtures that have yet to make an appearance on the walls, but overall...I'm comfortable saying Billy's room is complete.

It's become my favorite room in our house, and in the morning the light through the window is so beautiful I like to sit in the chair while I eat my breakfast, imagining what it will be like to have a little person in that room with me.
Morning light in the nursery :)
I love these shadows

Name art is available on my Etsy Shop
That "B" will be hung on the door (eventually)
Adorable rocking giraffe & basket of stuffed toys!
We found this print in different colors through Etsy, so I contacted the designer and she was willing to customize the colors for us! I'm in love. 
Print by Mandipidy
 A good friend had this made for us - it's even "me" in the rocking chair with short hair and a bow!! I love the saying and it's so special that she had this done for Billy's room <3 I am on the hunt for the perfect frame for it now!!
This is the most special piece for me in the nursery; my mom made Billy a quilt and embroidered all the squares with little Billy things - rocking horses, stars, B's and puppy dogs. It is absolutely stunning, not to mention soft, snuggly and incredibly sentimental. I had seen the progress while it was being sewn through photos, but when I opened it at the shower I still had to catch my breath. This is so beautiful, and so special. I know Billy will love it like I do.  

That's the tour!! I almost included more photos of the closet, but I figured you got your fill the other day with that post :)

Today I received shipping confirmation on our final Amazon registry order (which wasn't supposed to ship until July).

Billy's car seat is securely installed in my back seat and tonight we're going to get it inspected.

My bag is packed (though I think I'm going to repack it now that I have a better idea on what the weather is doing this month) and I've been having loads of practice contractions this week.

To top it off, Mom and Hubs have both mentioned a few Kurt sightings in the last few days. If you don't know the story about Kurt, check out my post on Parenting Without A Parachute about him – he's my guardian angel. When I see him, I'll know it's really show time.

I feel more ready than ever. Let's have a baby.

Stork Craft Verona 4-in-1 Fixed Side Crib via Amazon
Newcor Premium Rosie Glider via Babies R Us
Bushel & A Pack Print: Mandipidy via Etsy
Dresser: DIY Curbside Find
Rocking Raffi Giraffe via Zulily
Billy Name Wall Art Decoration via Etsy
Mobile made w/ paper lanterns via Hobby Lobby & LEKA CIRKUS via IKEA
Curtains via HomeGoods
Quilt handmade by 'Nana' 


  1. I love his room! Every detail...perfect! And that story, chills!

    1. Thanks Katie!!! I am so proud of this room...I can't wait to share it with Billy! he'll be sharing it with me....regardless, my eyes are peeled for Kurt so I know when it's "time"!

  2. Oh, Jess! Billy's nursery is beautiful. It looks so soothing and lovely. I'm so happy for you guys!

  3. Absolutely love it. It is so cute and I love all of the special touches throughout! :)