Thursday, June 20, 2013

Billy - 1 Month


I was just sitting on the couch, enjoying the silence while Billy napped and gooing over Mason's one month photos on my phone and realized...I could use my computer right now...and I never blogged BILLY's one month photos!! Aye caramba!

He was born May 7, 2013 weighing 8lb 9oz & at his one month check up came in at....*drumroll* 9lb 12oz My little ham!! Just proof that (IMHO) breast is best and it's working for us!!
 He's a ham in more ways than one, obviously:

 Seriously. Melt. I could stare at that face ALL DAY! Oh wait, I do.
 The "B" that never quite made it to his door to be hung...but looks so cute next to him for monthly photos!
 And of course we need some Princess photos. This dog is so madly in love with Billy we joke that it's actually "her" baby. The other day on a walk two dogs in a fenced yard barked and Princess all but ripped my arm off to try and get at them to "protect" her baby Billy. Billy snoozed through the whole thing and Princess couldn't believe some other dogs would bark at her baby. 

Normally she's a champ with walks and doesn't disrupt anyone or anything because she's "on duty" as we like to say, protecting her baby...but this time other dogs barked at him and that just wasn't okay to her. We'll work on it ;-)
 Talk about boy's best friend.

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  1. OMG!! So stinkin' cute!! I LOVE the pictures of Billy and Princess! Glad to see your 1 month pics :)