Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Garden 2.0


Remember how we were going to start a garden and grow all of our produce for the summer? Well, the cats had other plans.... They ate of our sprouts. All of them.

So, we've been rebuilding our inventory slowly as we figure out which plants we REALLY want and which we can live without. This afternoon while I was hanging the diapers to dry I thought I'd snap a few photos so you can get a glimpse at what's happening in our backyard.

Diaper laundry! Almost every day now. Thank goodness for sun - the stains just disappear like magic :)
 Our little garden!! I couldn't tell you all the things growing in there... celery, peppers, beans....who knows what else?! I guess I'll find out when it's time to start picking!

The vines on the fence are grapes! They are so itty bitty right now I couldn't even get a photo of them. Tiny.
 Herbs! Every herb you could imagine. We LOVE to cook with herbs so we grow a lot of them!!
 Bill bought me a peone bush for Mother's Day and we've been acquiring lilies - before we knew it we had a full blown lily garden! I love going out on the deck with Billy and looking down at the lilies every morning.
 Princess is ready to play. All. The. Time.
 Strawberries! You can BARELY see the teeny little berries inside the leaves next to the stems. Bill has already eaten two full berries from this plant! We have three berry plants total.
 It's not summer without home grown tomatoes – we have four planters with tomato plants! Hopefully we will get some tasty 'maters soon!
Weather on days like today is so divine – the breeze blows through our home, it smells like fresh grass, my girlfriends and I go on a nice walk with our babies... Mmm. It's summertime and I'm loving it!! I can't wait to start cooking with all these tasty treats from our garden 2.0.

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  1. I've tried to grow a few things, but have never had full success at it. We had a grape tree(it was tiny) that got mowed over by my brother, then strawberries that got overtaken by black widows, and a cucumber that grew to look like a squash! One of these days we will get it together. Love that you are trying again and hope you get lots of goodies!