Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Favorite New Mommy Splurges


Hi!! I know, I know. I'm the worst blogger ever right now. I had every intention on being a go-getter like The Mushy Mommy and blogging regularly even with a tiny babe...but a needy cluster feeding little guy got in the way of those plans.

We are now successfully up to 3-4 hours in between each feeding thanks to the tips in The Happiest Baby on the Block. Billy had worked himself (and I allowed it, not knowing how painful it would become) into a routine of 20 min on / 20 min off my breast. Add that to damage that had already done and I was getting worse, not better...5 weeks of excruciating pain every time I fed my child wasn't what I was looking forward to in motherhood. I started having anxiety every time I knew I had to feed him. Bad!!!

Needless to say, that book really changed my life. I have been applying the 5 S's since Wednesday to help extend the period between feedings and it works like a charm every time. As an added bonus, I am finally HEALING. Cheers all around!

Meanwhile, Jenelle Kappe Photography posted the newborn photos of our little Billy! You can check them out here. I am in love with every single one of them. She's magnificent. I'm so lucky to basically have her as a sister :)

NOW onto the purpose of this post: new mommy splurges! There are a few simple things that are just worth the money these early months of motherhood.

Bamboobies Overnights
Nursing a newbown leads to lots of leakage. I've had such terrible scabs until this week I never really leaked, I just wore pads to protect my clothes from my ointment. Now that my scabs are healing and I am getting healthy skin again, I'm leaking like mad. These suckers are WORTH EVERY PENNY. If you're planning to nurse your little, register for at least 8 pairs of them and then splurge and buy yourself more. Bamboobies make a thinner pad as well that I also like, but these are my favorite. WAY more absorbent than other brands and they don't get cold and clammy and drippy. (doesn't that paint a fun photo of breastfeeding?! Betcha can't wait to do it now!!)

Tank Tops
...a million of them. Don't think this is a splurge? I'm telling you, it is worth it to STOCK PILE on cheap camis. Don't even get the built-in bra because your chest will explode to a cup size beyond your husband's wildest dreams. I am pretty obsessed with the site so I ordered two 10 packs of camis and I do NOT regret it. Can't beat the price and they are perfect for my "Momiform" every day of tank + yoga pants or tank under maxi dress.

Again, this may or may not seem like a splurge, but when you're a brand new mommy you aren't running out of the house every time you need a dozen eggs or see a sale at Gap. It feels like an epic feat to get up and moving before 11am most days, to be honest so when I am up, moving and out the door with BOTH of us bathed and in clean clothes I feel like Wonder Woman. For this, I treat myself to Starbucks every time I leave the house. It is $4.78 well spent :) Especially since it is two, three times a week max.

The days I don't leave home but accomplish all my "chores", I treat myself to a homemade iced chai. Awesome.

Fresh Produce
When I realized everything I eat goes straight into Billy, I reevaluated my eating habits (like I have done so many times before). Having fresh produce in the house to make myself a salad every day not only helps trim my waistline down, it makes me feel like I am giving my son the best breastmilk I can because it's full of vitamins and nutrients.

In the earliest days I would ask my mother in law or my mom to bring some fresh fruit over when they were going to visit, but now my husband or I will make grocery store runs to get a basket full of fruits and veggies.

Many people will bring you treats like ice cream or casserole meals, which is awesome, but sinking your teeth into a fresh strawberry will make your whole day even better.

Have other new mommy splurges that are worth their weight in gold? Share them in a comment and I will add my favorites to this post!! 


  • Good, comfy, wireless nursing bras!!


  1. Good, comfy, wireless nursing bras!!

  2. Thanks for the shoutout! :) I'm reevaluating my diet too! And believe me, it's hard to post sometimes, LOL!!!!

    What's this book about? I was trying Baby Wise but wasn't working for me. Although I don't have a bad feeding pattern going- she goes about two hours apart during the day. She's six weeks today and is doing like one hour apart, so I think she's in her six week growth spurt.

    1. It's about these 5-steps to soothe and calm your baby. It's worked WONDERS for us!!