Monday, July 1, 2013

Mason Jar Soap Dispensers


This afternoon I am over at The Mushy Mommy talking cloth diapers, but my mom and I just made these soap dispensers I have to share with you!

Start with mason jars, soap dispenser pumps, a hammer (not pictured), a screwdriver (not pictured), E600 glue and soap. 

You're probably thinking, "Where the heck do I get soap dispenser pumps?!" – what we did was use the pumps from empty soap bottles, but you can also buy them at Bath & Body Works for less than $2 (and right now is their semi-annual sale!). 

This tutorial is so's laughable. Are you ready? Start with your jars.

Take the inserts out of the tops and using the hammer and screwdriver, cut holes wide enough for the soap dispenser tube only. If you cut it too wide for the pump, you'll have a mess. Another method is to make an "X" with the screwdriver/hammer and bend the metal back with pliers. 
See? Just about the size of a dime. Then, put a bead of glue around the base of your soap dispenser pump, where the pump will connect to the jar top. Place the jar top on the jar and stick soap dispenser pump into the hole on the jar. Glue will set in 3-4 hours. 
Once glue has set, fill jars with soap and you're done! How easy and cute is that?! 
Speaking of cute....Lucy had to have her picture taken with the finished project. 
Billy overexerted himself at Costco this morning doing all the heavy lifting, so he napped through the afternoon craft ;-) Look at those guns!
That's it! How simple and fun?! I can't wait to get these puppies home and on display. I typically buy Bath & Body Works soaps when they're on clearance, but since Billy joined us we seem to blow through a bottle of soap every other week. Even at $3/bottle during semi-annual sales that's too much to spend on soap for me! Costco bulk buying saves us again ;-) 

Don't forget to check out my post on The Mushy Mommy today too! If you're a mama, your checkbook with thank you.

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  1. I've been wanting to make one of these! I love the vintage blue mason jars, they would be fun to use as well.