Sunday, July 7, 2013

Our July 4th & Billy's 2 Month Photos


Happy Independence Day!! I hope you all enjoyed fireworks, festivals and fried snickers. I missed the latter because it's so darn hot I am not in the mood, but we had a wonderful 4th of July week! Here is a recap:

We enjoyed the Palatine Hometown Fest – I wore Billy in the K'tan since it was crowded as ever and "The Escalade" isn't always conducive to that environment. Billy snoozed most of the night until it was time to eat, and of course was wide awake for fireworks.
Billy LOVED his first fireworks. I mean, really loved them. Watched every single one pop and glow in the sky...loved them. The grand finale was a little much for him so I covered his ears but the twenty minutes before he just sat and stared like it was the best thing he'd ever seen. How precious is this photo with his Daddy??
Billy was in his first parade! He snoozed through most of that too, but it was so much fun for Hubs and I! We dressed the part and decorated the stroller. We walked with our church – promoting our 2013 Camero Raffle! Not bad for his first parade, walking next to a fancy Camero convertible!
And now for the really fun stuff... his 2 month photos!

I can't believe how much bigger and stronger and smarter Billy gets every day. Comparing this "B" photo to his 1 month photo is unbelievable. He looks giant and it's only been a month! I am so proud of his sleep schedule too. Since I started keeping his daytime feedings on a strict 3 hours schedule he started sleeping 7+ hours per night. I'll take it as long as it lasts!!

This week I hope to get a craft done. I sewed a wet bag last week and photographed it to share the pattern with you...but really it is a pretty sad attempt to making my own pattern and I'm too embarrassed to share just forget I said anything.

I will make something super soon, because we went to an estate sale this weekend. An estate sale where I scored 31 mason jars (of all sizes) for $5. That's $0.16 each, my friends. And I will make every single one of them into something awesome. Like soap dispensers and craft organization and gift packaging. Just you wait. It will be awesome.


  1. OMG I can't get over the cuteness!!! Isn't it amazing how quickly they grow? We're coming up on 7 weeks now and I just can't believe how time flies. It'll be fun once our boys are 12 months to look back at all of the monthly photos and see how they've grown and changed each month :)

    1. Yes, I am so thrilled I am taking monthly photos! I already can't believe how much he's grown. I can't wait to see Mason's pics!!

  2. Jess, I have a request if you have time :) You mentioned that you put Billy on a strict 3 hour feeding schedule and have had 7-9 hour nights of sleep since then. Can you do a post about that and how you did it? Is he sleeping a straight 7-9 hours without waking? Was it hard? How much do you feed him every 3 hours? Would love to know how it is all going for you.

    1. Thanks for the request! I'll work on it right away :)