Monday, September 9, 2013

Billy 4 Month Update



When he sees Princess, he smiles and reaches out to pet her. It is the.cutest.thing.EVERRRR. Ever. (And I hate that the photo of it is out of focus! BOO camera not working with me fast enough!)

Much longer this month - 26.25"! However, when the tech put him on the scale she goes, "He's 13lb even." and I said, "I'm sorry, that is impossible. I weighed him 3 weeks ago and he was 14lb 4oz." so she fiddles with the scale and says, "Oh, yep! 14lb 4oz." I'm a little sketchy on his ACTUAL weight.

Hearing that he dropped into the 25% for weight caused all kinds of bad mom thoughts to fill my brain, which naturally lead to a meltdown. I started thinking my supply was diminishing and our nursing journey would be over entirely too soon.

My goal is to nurse Billy at least one year - longer if he wants to.

Thankfully, the support of my mom friends and reassured me that my supply is fine. Billy's wet and dirty diapers have not changed, and he's a happy little dude so there's no reason to think he's starving! He's still 80% for length, so he is growing somewhere, just not wider! Which is okay. My ped also agreed he is healthy as can be, no need to worry.

We will continue EBF until his next appointment at 6 months, where we will discuss the next step: solids! I would like to try Baby Led Weaning with him, but may start with oatmeal per my pediatrician's recommendation.

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  1. My goodness, he's a cutie!!! Can't believe they are growing so quickly!