Friday, September 20, 2013

New Glasses!


I have been wearing the same glasses for four years now. I loved them! My prescription wasn’t changing enough to warrant new frames and lenses, so I just kept wearing my same old champs. 

Well, with my new mom wardrobe I decided it is time to buy glasses. A new, fun style for my new, fun chapter in life!

I’ve been in love with the “nerdy” trend for a while but wasn’t brave enough to take the plunge with thick tortoise framed glasses until now. Can I just say? I’m obsessed with my new glasses. OB.SESSED. 
I ordered them from and couldn't believe how easy the whole process was. I'd heard of ordering prescription glasses online before, but it made me nervous. I've ordered pet medication online before and it was way more trouble than the savings was worth. 

Ordering from was SO EASY! The order form was written exactly how my doctor wrote out the prescription for my eyeglasses, so there was no guess work. I simply selected the frames, entered my prescription information, checked which lenses I wanted and I was on my way. Awesome!

AND I found the pair of cognac boots I've been searching for!!! I'm not sure about you, but to me it seems like everything's coming up Jess ;-)
But back to glasses: my awesome readers can receive 10% off any order! Simply use the code Blog10. They also have a Facebook page and Twitter feed with exclusive discounts for fans and followers!

Also, you can try the glasses on virtually before you buy! Now get over and find some sexy new specs!

*I was contacted to write this review and received a spending allowance for my purchase at I spent my own money on the remainder of the purchase and this did not influence my review whatsoever. All opinions and experiences are my own.*