Thursday, September 12, 2013

Office Evolution


As a FT WAHM, it's essential that I have a workable office space in my home.

Originally, I tried working in the guest bedroom at the desk, and it was just all wrong. I felt too cramped and too "connected" to the house. I was a breath away from Billy's nursery and the master bedroom, and entirely too close to the pantry for unneeded snacks.

One day I got ambitious and moved my office into the hobby room.
 Princess's comfort was also a high priority, because not much time goes by throughout the day where she isn't connected to me at the hip. So, I got her a bed just for the office.
And then there's Billy. He goes to work with me every day all day too, so I had to find a way to accomodate all of his essential items. Jumperoo, Pack N Play, Bumbo, etc.
 About a thousand trials later, this is the winning furniture arrangement. Please note the excessive clutter....all around the ledge of the walls. Can someone please help me organize my crap?! Yikes.
The rug was one we already had and I didn't think to vacuum it before putting Billy down on it to roll around...and he was immediately covered in cat hair and thread particles. Everywhere. Like, all inside his mouth. How do babies get covered in anything that will stick to them so instantly? I will never understand.

I hope I'm not the only mom who does this...but when I lay him on the carpet upstairs in the living room, if I pick him up and he has dog hair on his face, I know it's time to vacuum.

Lately I've just let go of schedules, routines and any form of consistency and just do what it takes to survive. I'm pretty confident I'm not the only working mom who lives that way, if I had to guess. Right?


  1. Absolutely, whatever we can do to survive at this point! I keep reminding myself, it will get easier! We will eventually have a schedule. But I just don't have the energy to stress over it right now.

  2. I had to lol, one of mine army crawls and we call him the swiffer.

  3. I had to lol, one of mine army crawls and we call him the swiffer.

  4. I was looking through Blogs and saw yours and thought 'hum, she looks familiar.' I remember you from your horse Blog (Denali's mom here, now Bug's mom) I read your post about your 36 hour labor. I had 34 (but then needed a c-section.) ANYWAY. Enough rambling...great blog!

    1. Oh my goodness how crazy!! Thanks for stopping by!! Hope all is well :)

  5. I think the office looks great! I always put a blanket down because I don't want to see the dog hair, LOL