Friday, September 6, 2013



Do you ever get in the mood to just splurge a little? Well, I've been in that mood for a month now. Shoot.

In my "grown up life" I work in the financial services industry, so it's literally my job to advocate smart spending and saving. But, here I am looking at my credit card statement for this month and thinking, "Wait, what?!"

That said...all of my purchases have excellent purpose. Remember when I told you about my postpartum insecurities? Well I nipped that in the bud and went out and bought new jeans, tops, shoes and bras. Here's a sneak peek at some of the little numbers I picked up:

Two pairs of Blanc Slim Bootcut Jeans from WHBM (BOGO 50% off at the time!)

 Neutral Wedges from WHBM (I've already worn them a hundred times or so. LOVE)
Had to grab a chambray button up from Gap!
And my biggest splurge this month....that I kind of drooled over for a few weeks before going in to try it on because I was afraid to love it in real life as much as I loved it online is a new "Instantly Slimming" LBD from WHBM. I tried it on and absolutely fell in love. Completely worth the splurge!! The last LBD I had from WHBM (I worked there throughout college, hence my obsession with the store) I wore to EVERY wedding since..2006? Well, every wedding I wasn't standing up in. And you know who noticed? NO ONE.
Official photo here:
That's the beauty of a perfect little black dress, if you accessorize it differently every time no one would know you're in the same knock-out dress. Of course, now you all know. Go ahead, judge me. I cannot WAIT to zip myself into this baby and rock it. I can honestly admit I haven't felt that sexy in over a year. I am counting the days to my girl Ann Marie's wedding next week!

 I also splurged on a few new headbands to wear with my amazing LBD to the few weddings we are attending this fall. Princess helped me by modeling one the other day:
Now, the final item on my "splurge" list is a super fine pair of brown leather boots. I'm planning on hitting Nordstrom to find the *perfect* pair. These are the two pairs that are speaking to me right now, so I'd like something similar:
Any designers I should seek out in my hunt? 

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  1. So glad you treated yourself! I think it's important to do every now and then. That LBD looks amazing on you!